Exporting Instances to a Sorter

Any group of select­ed instances or sin­gle instance can be export­ed to a sorter win­dow. Select the instances in the time­line, then press the sorter but­ton in the time­line tool bar.

  • If a sorter win­dow is open the instances will be past­ed below that last row of the window.
  • If a sorter win­dow is not open a new one will be cre­at­ed auto­mat­i­cal­ly with the instances.
  • When mul­ti­ple instances are export­ed at once, they will be past­ed in the win­dow chronologically.
  • If the selec­tion is across mul­ti­ple rows, each row will be past­ed in their respec­tive sec­tions in the sorter.