Opta Football

The Opta Football import requires the user to sub­scribe their data services.

The import con­sists of two files per match, the nam­ing con­ven­tion of the files is:

  • F24-{competition_id}-{season_id}-{match_id}-eventdetails.xml
  • srml-{competition_id}-{season_id}-squads.xml

Upon import­ing, these two files must be in the same fold­er and the {competition_​id} and {season_​id} must match, oth­er­wise the import will not work.
To use:

  • Choose File > Import > Opta Football
  • Select the event details.xml file to be imported.
  • Two time­lines will appear with the import­ed data, link these two time­lines to the cor­re­spond­ing movies of each half. Creating two time­lines is done to help align­ing the instances to the movie and makes using mul­ti­ple angles eas­i­er. If only one movie for the whole match is avail­able and link each time­line to this movie. Using the sec­ond half time­line, set the play­head to the begin­ning of the time­line and hold down CTRL+COMMAND+Z, then click and drag the play­head down the movie until the instances match up to the sec­ond half of the movie. Once the instances are aligned, save the file, select all instances in both time­lines, first and sec­ond half and choose File > Merge time­line win­dows. A full time­line will be cre­at­ed and can be saved.
  • The import can be changed to import a sin­gle time­line by edit­ing the Opta_import.plist locat­ed inside the appli­ca­tion pack­age. Upon user feed­back this can be changed or indi­vid­ual users can change this themselves.

Resulting time­line will have:

  • Individual play­er rows with grouped labels describ­ing the type of involvements.
  • Team

The import cur­rent­ly sup­ports cus­tom label groups, renam­ing of any code or label names, and row col­ors accord­ing to teams.

Multiple lan­guages are sup­port­ed if the prop­er XMLs are supplied.

For more infor­ma­tion on the Opta file spec­i­fi­ca­tions, con­tact Opta.