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Opta Football

The Opta Football import requires the user to subscribe their data services.

The import consists of two files per match, the naming convention of the files is:

  • F24-{competition_id}-{season_id}-{match_id}-eventdetails.xml
  • srml-{competition_id}-{season_id}-squads.xml

Upon importing, these two files must be in the same folder and the {competition_id} and {season_ id} must match, otherwise the import will not work.
To use:

  • Choose File > Import > Opta Football
  • Select the event details.xml file to be imported.
  • Two timelines will appear with the imported data, link these two timelines to the corresponding movies of each half. Creating two timelines is done to help aligning the instances to the movie and makes using multiple angles easier. If only one movie for the whole match is available and link each timeline to this movie. Using the second half timeline, set the playhead to the beginning of the timeline and hold down CTRL+COMMAND+Z, then click and drag the playhead down the movie until the instances match up to the second half of the movie. Once the instances are aligned, save the file, select all instances in both timelines, first and second half and choose File > Merge timeline windows. A full timeline will be created and can be saved.
  • The import can be changed to import a single timeline by editing the Opta_import.plist located inside the application package. Upon user feedback this can be changed or individual users can change this themselves.

Resulting timeline will have:

  • Individual player rows with grouped labels describing the type of involvements.
  • Team

The import currently supports custom label groups, renaming of any code or label names, and row colors according to teams.

Multiple languages are supported if the proper XMLs are supplied.

For more information on the Opta file specifications, contact Opta.