Code Report for Sportstec Player

Fig 116Code Reports may be export­ed as reports from the Timeline .

You cre­ate a file of instances from the Timeline in the same man­ner as you cre­ate Instance Movies. You can select entire Rows or select instances in Rows, but instead of click­ing on the Make Movie icon, you click the Report icon. To select instances in var­i­ous rows see the Settings menu for more information.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 10.04.47 am
Give your Report pack­age a name and nom­i­nate your pre­ferred stor­age loca­tion. You also need to ensure that you out­put your pack­age in a for­mat which is able to be viewed by the iPad. Any H.264 for­mat will suf­fice, but you will see in the drop­down menu that we have pro­vid­ed a num­ber of pre­set for­mats for the Sportstec Player app as well.

There is also an option to choose the back­ground col­or for the report. Code Row col­ors will col­or the instances you have cho­sen, so you may choose a back­ground col­or to ensure your code report is easy to read. The movie will be export­ed as a .codere­port package.

When the Code Report is viewed by Sportstec Player, the Report View screen will dis­play the Row Names with a num­ber rep­re­sent­ing the num­ber of Instances/​Events that have been select­ed from this Row.

Sportstec Player is an App for the iPad which plays movies which have been export­ed from Gamebreaker Plus as .codere­port files. Sportstec Player puts the pow­er of Gamebreaker Plus vision direct­ly in the palm of your play­ers – enabling your ath­letes to review their clips, play­books and sta­tis­tics any­time, anywhere!

Used in com­bi­na­tion with Sportstec’s Command CentreSportstec Player ampli­fies your analy­sis and enhances the learn­ing of both indi­vid­u­als and teams. The per­fect tool for the Analyst that wants to share impor­tant sta­tis­tics, clips, moments and learn­ings and quick­ly dis­trib­ute SportsCode con­tent to mul­ti­ple devices.

The porta­bil­i­ty of the iPad solu­tion enables this to be done sim­ply and allows ath­letes to learn and engage at their own pace.