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Code Report for Sportstec Player

Fig 116

Code Reports may be exported as reports from the Timeline .

You create a file of instances from the Timeline in the same manner as you create Instance Movies. You can select entire Rows or select instances in Rows, but instead of clicking on the Make Movie icon, you click the Report icon. To select instances in various rows see the Settings menu for more information.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 10.04.47 am

Give your Report package a name and nominate your preferred storage location. You also need to ensure that you output your package in a format which is able to be viewed by the iPad. Any H.264 format will suffice, but you will see in the dropdown menu that we have provided a number of preset formats for the Sportstec Player app as well.

There is also an option to choose the background color for the report. Code Row colors will color the instances you have chosen, so you may choose a background color to ensure your code report is easy to read. The movie will be exported as a .codereport package.

When the Code Report is viewed by Sportstec Player, the Report View screen will display the Row Names with a number representing the number of Instances/Events that have been selected from this Row.

Sportstec Player is an App for the iPad which plays movies which have been exported from Gamebreaker Plus as .codereport files. Sportstec Player puts the power of Gamebreaker Plus vision directly in the palm of your players – enabling your athletes to review their clips, playbooks and statistics anytime, anywhere!

Used in combination with Sportstec’s Command Centre, Sportstec Player amplifies your analysis and enhances the learning of both individuals and teams. The perfect tool for the Analyst that wants to share important statistics, clips, moments and learnings and quickly distribute SportsCode content to multiple devices.

The portability of the iPad solution enables this to be done simply and allows athletes to learn and engage at their own pace.