Creating Instance Movies

You can cre­ate an instance movie in the time­line from:

  • A sin­gle instance.
  • All instances in a sin­gle row chronologically.
  • Selected instances across mul­ti­ple rows chrono­log­i­cal­ly (Merge rows).
  • Sequential rows in order of row num­ber and the select­ed rows (Sequential rows).
  • Selection order in a sin­gle row or across mul­ti­ple rows (Selection order).

Create a movie from a Single Instance

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 3.20.09 pmDouble click on the instance in the time­line or select an instance and press the Make movie but­ton in the time­line tool bar.

Create a movie from all Instances in a Single Row

  • Select the row of instances by click­ing on the row number. Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 3.25.37 pm
  • Click on the Make movie but­ton in the time­line tool bar. All instances in the row will play in chrono­log­i­cal order. Alternatively, after select­ing the instances, press OPTION+COMMAND+M on the key­board to cre­ate the instance movie.

To make it even eas­i­er, dou­ble click on the row num­ber and an instance movie will be cre­at­ed from all the instances in the row.

Drag & Drop Instance Movie Creation

You may cre­ate an instance movie from select­ed instances or parts of instances by drag­ging & drop­ping. Double click on the instance in the time­line to select and open it which will be the begin­ning of the movie. Click on anoth­er instance to select it, hold the SHIFT key down then click, drag & drop it on top of the first instance select­ed. The 2 instances will be com­bined into one instance movie.

By default, an instance when select­ed, will select the entire instance. You may choose to select only a part of the instance by press­ing & hold­ing the SHIFT key­while drag­ging the instance movie play­head. This will select only that part of the instance movie. Then drag & drop the movie as described above.

To save the movie cre­at­ed refer to the expla­na­tion on Saving Instance Movies” of this manual.