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Creating Instance Movies

You can create an instance movie in the timeline from:

  • A single instance.
  • All instances in a single row chronologically.
  • Selected instances across multiple rows chronologically (Merge rows).
  • Sequential rows in order of row number and the selected rows (Sequential rows).
  • Selection order in a single row or across multiple rows (Selection order).

Create a movie from a Single Instance

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 3.20.09 pm

Double click on the instance in the timeline or select an instance and press the Make movie button in the timeline tool bar.

Create a movie from all Instances in a Single Row

  • Select the row of instances by clicking on the row number. Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 3.25.37 pm
  • Click on the Make movie button in the timeline tool bar. All instances in the row will play in chronological order. Alternatively, after selecting the instances, press OPTION+COMMAND+M on the keyboard to create the instance movie.

To make it even easier, double click on the row number and an instance movie will be created from all the instances in the row.

Drag & Drop Instance Movie Creation

You may create an instance movie from selected instances or parts of instances by dragging & dropping. Double click on the instance in the timeline to select and open it which will be the beginning of the movie. Click on another instance to select it, hold the SHIFT key down then click, drag & drop it on top of the first instance selected. The 2 instances will be combined into one instance movie.

By default, an instance when selected, will select the entire instance. You may choose to select only a part of the instance by pressing & holding the SHIFT keywhile dragging the instance movie playhead. This will select only that part of the instance movie. Then drag & drop the movie as described above.

To save the movie created refer to the explanation on “Saving Instance Movies” of this manual.