Your library just got more efficient.

See how we’re going to save you time in 2020.


Scouting Made Simple

With the new Analysis Beta, you won’t need dozens of print-outs or hundreds of playlists to get the answers you need. In just a few clicks, you’ll instantly uncover the tendency breakdowns you need to own Friday night.

Quick Filters

Pick from an expansive list of pre-loaded filters under your playback controls—or customize your own—and create new playlists in seconds.

Past Updates

Have you taken advantage of these yet?

Web Uploads

Use our website to quickly upload your video from any computer—you just need a stable internet connection.

Special Teams Playbook

Consider the third phase won. Your special teams unit can now easily design and review plays.

Mobile Practice Scripts

Take practice scripts with you in the Hudl app. They’re ready when you need them—on the field, at practice.

1080p Film

High definition video makes review easier than ever. Set your camera to record in 1080p and use our web uploader to get it online.

Better Library Management

We’ve made sure you have control of what stays and what goes. Track storage hours to guarantee you have access to the film you need most.

Extra Hudl Assist Submissions

Get a jump on your opponents next season. Send up to five games per day (now 10 in the playoffs) to our Assist analysts.