No more text messages, no more emails. With con­ver­sa­tions alongside video in Hudl Beta you can chat with other team members without having to jump back and forth between apps.

Need to make sure other coaches and athletes are watching exactly what you want them to? Now you can have a conversation on a video in Hudl Beta. All you have to do is navigate to Hudl Beta, then open a clip or playlist and click collaborate. 

Conversations in Hudl Beta work just like they do in other chat and messaging tools. They’re tied to a full video, so anyone who has access to the video on your team is able to participate in the conversation. Comments update in real time which means this feature can be used as a comment thread or a live chat tool. Plus, you can @-mention team members and groups. Comments become conversations, conversations become lessons.

Conversations work across platforms on web, iOS and Android Hudl Apps. Coaches and athletes can access the Hudl Beta (and conversations) from the Hudl App by going to the Hudl Beta tab in the navigation menu. 

Follow our step-by-step tutorial to learn more about starting conversations with your team. 

With our kids it’s all digital. They would communicate with their parents through email or text if they could. That’s how they work. They don’t want to talk or communicate verbally, they just want to write things down because they’re so used to using their thumbs. Now I can write down specifically what I want them to look at in this video and send it to them. Ben Adams, Offensive Line Coach, Swan Valley High School, MI

Three simple ways coaches are saving time with conversations:

  • If your coaches ​​aren't always in the same place, conversations can keep everyone connected around video in Hudl.
  • Say goodbye to screen recording and trimming a clip so it can be sent via text or email (no one really liked a long text or email thread anyways, right?). 
  • Get ahead of the game and share a playlist with instructions to athletes or comments on what you want them to look at on their own before the next practice or meeting.
Hudl conversations has allowed us to quickly make adjustments without having to go through text or zoom. Each play and conversation match up side by side for easy critiques. Chris Haddad, Defensive Coordinator, Bellingham High School, MA

What's Next?
As we’ve said before, we’ll continue to add functionality and product improvements. But it doesn’t stop there. Your feedback will help us make the Beta better. Leaving comments is easy—just click the ? icon in the top right corner of the beta and give us your thoughts.

Ready to start communicating on video with your team?

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