Prepare your way. The Hudl Beta gives each member of your team the flexibility to watch and analyze in the way that works best for them.

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We know every coach has a different coaching style, from the field to the film room and beyond. That’s why we created the Hudl Beta to allow you and your team to customize your experience for the task at hand, in the way you want. 

With Hudl Beta, you get a flexible layout made up of independent modules that can be toggled on and off and moved around.


To put it simply, modules make it easy for you to complete core tasks. Think of modules like “mini apps” within the Hudl Beta—each one has a specific job and it flexes as you use it. They have customizable modes and flexible layouts giving you the context you need, your preferred way. 

The current modules include:

  • Content—Find and select multiple videos to analyze at once. Plus, relevant videos and resources will automatically be surfaced for you based on recent activity and upcoming scheduled events.

  • Video module—Video is the centerpiece that all modules move around. No more sacrificing video size, your screen adapts to best accommodate the task at hand.

  • Insights module—There’s no need to flip back and forth between your reports and your video. Tendencies are now alongside the video. Clicking any visual will filter the plays for you to immediately see how other situations and tendencies are impacted.

  • Video Navigation module—Quickly scan clips to get a feel for the video selected. Add clips to playlists or add/edit clip data from the grid.

  • (Coming soon!) Collaboration—Have conversations with your team directly on the video, playlist or report you are looking at.
It’s pretty intuitive. When you were making a report in Classic you had to have it mapped out in your head before you started building. [...] The data is now talking to you and you’re seeing stuff as you’re doing it. That to me was the powerful part of moving stuff around, it’s just much more flexible. Chris Vasseur, Founder, Coach Vass Football, Orlando, FL


How modules are arranged is what produces the custom layout on your screen. You’re no longer limited to the standard Classic layout. The layout of your workspace can adapt to what you're trying to accomplish at that exact moment. 

Breaking down a game? Move the grid to the bottom of your screen. Reviewing film as a team or staff? Fullscreen video. Want to dive into the stats? Fullscreen stats or place them next to the video. 

Modules can be moved to the left, right, bottom, fullscreen, and minimized to best handle the task at hand. When you move a module, the rest of them adjust.

Coming July 2021, you’ll be able to save default layouts, so that each time you open the Beta, you’ll see your preferred layout right away. 

Additionally, sharing is getting a facelift. Share directly from the Hudl Beta with another member of your team, and once they open it they’ll see the exact video, data and layout you’re looking at.

If you’re a coach out there that created a series of playlists and you also had the printout hard copy data of the custom reports, the beta is a point-and-click version of that. Keith Fagan, Master Coach, NZone Football, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

What's Next?

As we’ve said before, we’ll continue to add functionality and product improvements. But it doesn’t stop there. Your continued feedback will help us continue to make the beta better. Leaving comments is easy—just click the ? icon in the top right corner of the beta and give us your thoughts.

Ready to dig into these features with your own video and data?

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