We gathered a panel top coaching influencers to analyze their worst film of the season in Hudl before a live audience.

Talking about what went good is boring.

That's the thinking behind this idea from former Southwest Florida Christian Academy defensive coordinator Tyler Manes, who's flipping clinic season on its head by diagnosing his worst coaching mistakes on film in Zoom hangouts with coaches from all over the country.

We brought Manes' idea to life before a live audience. Watch below as we break down film with a star-studded panel that included:

  • Chris "Coach Vass" Vasseur, Coach Vass Football
  • Adam Gaylor, Defensive Coordinator, Jenks High School (Okla.)
  • Neema Salimi, Defensive Coordinator, Westminster High School (Ga.)
  • Rich Upson, Quarterbacks Coach, Marshfield High School (Mass.)