Not sure where to start with data? The improved Reports in Hudl Beta have you covered, allowing you to easily dive into key tendencies with one-click reports on any column.

If you've done a deep dive into the Hudl Beta, you've likely noticed there’s a ton of interactive data, right at your fingertips. When you have that much data to work with, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we created Overview Reports. 

Now, all cards in Hudl Beta have a default Overview Report which allows you to jump right into key tendencies and get a high level overview of what you need without having to filter or create a custom report on your own. You read that right, all cards. Every Overview Report includes relevant Offensive, Defensive, and Situational data, plus you can include your own custom data in them by moving custom cards into a section.

As opposed to the limited number of pre-made reports you can create in Classic, Hudl Beta have an Overview Report for every column—even custom ones. Once you’re ready to move from the Overview Report to something more in depth, simply keep the report open next to video or open the full report to see more data at once.

Want to level up even more? Use the Report On dropdown to create custom reports and to see custom pivots of your data. You will see frequency, avg yards and efficiency across all pivots. 

Once you've found a report you want to share, you can share it through Hudl or take it offline by printing it out. Ready to check out Reports on your own film? Log in to try Hudl Beta.

What's Next?

The majority of Blitz ‘22 presentations will be shown in the new Hudl Beta experience. To get you acclimated, we’re hosting a series of free workshops with Hudl product manager Nate Patterson and technical analyst Spencer Dorn (a former FCS video coordinator) to show you the ropes.

All webinar sessions available will be similar content, so feel free to select the date and time that works best for your schedule.

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