See your feedback in action with these new updates.

Since launching the new Hudl platform, coaches like you have given helpful feedback on how to continue to make the future of Hudl even better.

Going forward, you’ll notice a few changes to your new Hudl platform that will make it even easier to get your coaching points across, and make those difference-making discoveries.

Drawing Tools

Drawing tools in Hudl are now more precise, so you can make your coaching points to players crystal clear.

The improvements:

  • Copy and paste effects — Use keyboard shortcuts (like Command/Ctrl+C to copy, or Command/Ctrl+V to paste) to quickly duplicate the drawing you just made. 
  • Smart-selected freehand — Once you select the freehand tool, it’ll automatically be selected again when you pause video between timestamps, angles and clips.
  • Delete all effects — Hover over any timestamp with effects applied (indicated with a yellow dot) and select the trash can icon to delete all the effects on that timestamp at once.

Text Effects

You can edit text without starting all over again and leave multiple text effects on a timestamp. Previously, you could only leave one text effect on a timestamp.

Increased Visibility

Snap detection and drawing and text effects were both white ticks, making it difficult to differentiate. Now, a yellow dot identifies where there are effects.

You’ll also notice an indicator in your breakdown grid letting you know which clips have effects on them. This is another effective way to get a high-level overview of a game’s key moments.

Improved auto-fill

Auto-filling is another way we’re making data entry even faster for you. We made improvements so that autofill uses the same logic as the Classic experience, including when a filter or sort is applied.

Import column sets from Hudl Classic

You also won’t need to create new custom column sets in the new Hudl. You can simply import your existing sets from classic Hudl, and even edit from there. Learn more by checking out this tutorial.

Activity tracking

We know how important it is to be able to see how much time your players are spending watching film. You’re now able to see who’s watched, both on mobile and web, in the new Hudl by going to your Team Management page. This adds to the time they watch in classic Hudl; it won’t be two separate columns.

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