See why thousands of coaches have already opted-in to this enhanced Hudl experience

For the last two years, we’ve been hard at work giving your Hudl experience a new interface that will make you work faster than ever before.

Between hundreds of hours of customer interviews and constant feedback from testing, we’ve been building the new Hudl experience alongside coaches like you. The result of this will enhance the way you scout, gameplan and evaluate.

Starting Aug. 1, this new Hudl platform, previously called “Hudl Beta,” will be your default video experience when you log in. All your data and film will still be there. Everything in the new Hudl is designed to not only give you back more time while going deeper into the game-breaking details, but also share your findings with your team instantly.

Thousands of your coaching peers have already opted-in over the last 18 months, with consistently rave reviews.

Not only is filtering and sorting clips so much easier and faster, the data you instantly collect in real-time gives you tendencies, percentages, and reports as you make these simple filtering selections. The process has really been streamlined. This instant feedback is a timesaver during game planning sessions. Brandon Houston, Head Coach, Taylor High School (Texas)
This new Hudl helps me take my weekend back. I tag my film, and the platform does the rest. Our first year using this helped us push through to our first state title in 28 years. Brandon Evans, Defensive Coordinator, Brooks County High School (Ga.) | 2021 Georgia Class A State Champion
The new Hudl has made it simple for our staff to manage, display and chart analytic tendencies. The new interface is easy to use and interact with! Chris Haddad, Defensive Coordinator, Bellingham High School (Mass.) | Founder, vIQtory Sports

Ready to dive in? The new features include:

Faster Filters

For the past decade, you’ve been accustomed to a static experience in Hudl Classic. In the new Hudl, your experience is dynamic and interactive.

You don’t need to run as many reports or save as many playlists, because it’s all right there. In fact, there’s no need to run a report at all. With video and tendencies side-by-side, you always get the best of both worlds without having to sacrifice one or the other.

One-Click Reporting

In the Classic version of Hudl, you have to manually create every report, with multiple clicks. 

With new Hudl, every column, including your custom ones, gets an automatic overview report that you can pair with other data fields. No more creating dozens of playlists to find the answers you’re looking for. Moving seamlessly through data combinations means you can quickly uncover tendencies without getting lost in a 40-page report or creating dozens of playlists.

Multiple Layouts

The default layout will still have your grid below the video, but you can now use a vertical layout and quick editor too.

The vertical editor allows you to maximize video size and add data to one play at a time. The quick editor lets you add/edit data for the current play, even in full-screen video.

Did we mention full-screen data? Now, you can get the true overview by seeing all your tendencies at once.

Edit your data on the fly and arrange your columns however you want in categories including offense, defense, special teams, outcomes and stats (yes, this includes your custom columns).

Live in-app conversations

Think of it like group texting within Hudl. Your team can have live conversations alongside the video, which means you’ll be able to communicate your coaching points to players and staff right then and there. 

Conversations are visible to anyone with access to that specific video. For private conversations, create a playlist and only share it with players or coaches you want included.

Best of all:

  • This won’t cost you anything. This upgrade comes to you at no extra charge.
  • You won’t lose anything. All your video and data will still be there.
  • You can change your preference. You’ll still be able to navigate to the classic version you’re used to.
  • We’ll get you up to speed. Hudl reps are ready to show you the ropes. Sign up for a 1:1 expert chat at a time that works with your schedule.

Ready to get started? Log in to your account now and dig in. Need additional help? Check out our support tutorials to learn more, or set up a call with one of our experts to help learn your new workflows.