We had an opposing coach use the Hudl Beta to create a scouting report of Coach Vass. He showed us how easy it is to get granular.

Adam Donnelly didn’t have time for this.

The Lake Mary (Fla.) offensive coordinator is also a teacher at the school. He has a tight schedule, so he didn’t get a chance to figure out how he’d use the Hudl Beta to scout his friend Chris “Coach Vass” Vasseur until his planning period the day before our scheduled roundtable.

After taking a half-hour to update the blitz data, Donnelly said he only took a cursory pass through the film he’d be breaking down—film he’d never watched before. He didn’t look at it again until our live webinar explaining the beta, nearly 24 hours after his last glance. “I wanted to be fresh,” he said. 

Yet, in seemingly no time, Donnelly was able to present an impressive analysis.

“You’re hearing me having my first go-through on this. And I would say we got to a pretty reasonable depth there, in not very much time,” Donnelly said on the call.

See for yourself. In the video below, Donnelly unboxes the Hudl Beta and shows us how quickly he was able to put together a plan of attack for facing Vass.

Earlier in the roundtable, Donnelly demonstrated how he analyzes his team’s third-down performance with the help of the efficiency column. While the Rams had a knack for big plays on third down, it came at the expense of consistency. 

The data also told him they weren’t putting themselves in great situations with how often they faced third and long. He even found himself questioning his own playcalling on the down.

“If you don’t think I’ve talked about that at every workout since then,” Donnelly said. “This is awful. I was embarrassed to look it up. But I was glad to have that information.”