We gathered top high school football minds to talk about the new beta that is super­charg­ing the way coaches scout.

On Aug. 26, we held a live roundtable for nearly 150 coaches to walk through our new Hudl Beta. With the help of a decorated panel, led by Chris “Coach Vass” Vasseur, we explained how the beta works and covered best practices.

Intro: Our Story and How You Can Get Started

Nate Patterson

Patterson, one of the lead architects of the Beta, talks about how we came up with the idea and the best ways to start using it.

How Coach Vass Changed his Workflow

Chris Vasseur
Coach Vass Football

Coach Vass shows how much time he’s saving, how easy it is to make playlists, and how the smallest details add up to enhance your analysis experience. “All these tiny things, when you put it all together, the time I saved was fantastic,” he says.

Whittling It All Down

Jeremy Fisher
Beechwood High School
Fort Mitchell, Ky.

Fisher, a finance techie by day and defensive coach by night, gave us a peek at his elaborate system of football data tracking. Then he showed us how he uses it all in the Hudl Beta.

What the Efficiency Column Reveals

Adam Donnelly
Lake Mary High School
Lake Mary, Fla.

Donnelly wasn’t happy with what the efficiency numbers told him about his team’s third-down performance. He concluded:

  • They were living and dying by the big play.
  • They weren’t putting themselves in great distance situations.
  • He needed to reevaluate his own playcalling.

“If you don’t think I’ve talked about that at every workout since then,” he said. “This is awful. I was embarrassed to look it up. But I was glad to have that information.”

Understanding Value of Tendencies by Quarter

Freezy Smalls
Dallas, Texas

Smalls, an alpha tester for the Hudl Beta, didn’t always consider looking at tendency data by quarter before this beta. Now he’s seen the light.

The Scouting Checklist

Coach Vass

Vass shares and explains his ultimate scouting checklist for getting the most out of this new tool.

It’s Saturday. You Have All Your Film and Data. Now What?

Freezy Smalls and Adam Donnelly

We discuss how the beta impacts the front of your week during the season.

Future Updates

Nate Patterson

Patterson gives us a peek at what’s coming to the Beta, including shared sessions and customization.


Coach Vass, Adam Donnelly, Freezy Smalls, Jeremy Fisher

When do you stop tracking data in a blowout? What’s the best place for a new coach to start? The panel answered a few questions from the audience.

Q&A from Hudl on Vimeo.

Putting It All Together: Scouting Coach Vass

Adam Donnelly and Coach Vass

Donnelly gives us his scouting report on Coach Vass, based on his findings from the Hudl Beta.

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