We showed you how an elite football coaching mind thinks and analyzes data, and some tips on applying it to your Hudl Beta workflow, in our latest live webinar.

How can you infuse the right data with your game plan every day during the season?

Coach Vass and three revered offensive minds from around the country — St. John Bosco (Calif.) offensive coordinator Steven Lo, Ben Davis (Ind.) assistant coach Alex Kirby, and NZone Football master coach Keith Fagan — took us through every step of the weekly process, in last week’s live offensive roundtable.

Past conversations leaned into X’s and O’s talk. This time, our panelists took the audience inside their minds. We learned how they think and how they approach their biggest challenges with data, from evaluating future opponents to measuring pass protection to filling out your call sheet — and how the data lets you go off-script.

As Fagan notes throughout the webinar, “Data drives everything.” Watch the full recap below to see how:

Hudl Beta: Updates and High Praise

Hudl Product Manager Nate Patterson demonstrates the latest features added to the Hudl Beta. Vass and Fagan also lauded the new beta’s efficiency over traditional reports.

The game’s over. Now what?

The panel talked about how they evaluate their players’ performances once the game’s over, including best practices for language and how to organize them in your library.

You’ve broken down the game. What’s next?

What should you be doing between that first time you look at your next opponent’s scout film and that first planning meeting? The panel discussed where — and how early — they start.

The big Sunday meeting

Some coaches loathe that, big, long Sunday game-planning meeting (Kirby loves them). The panel talked about how their research on the data and film affects those sessions.

Building to game night

The panel talked about what they’re doing each day of the practice week leading up to game night, and the role data and film plays in each part of the process.

Evaluating pass protection

Charting tells. Creating custom columns to mark individual player movements. Lo’s vaunted “pass pro matrix”. There’s a variety of ways our panel goes about deciding what kinds of pass protections they’ll use in a game.

Let the numbers guide your play calls

What scout data tells you will determine how you put together your call sheet. And as Fagan notes, it’ll also tell you when to improvise.

Lightning Round: Audience Q&A

The panel tackles leftover questions from the viewers in rapid-fire succession.