It’s hard to rise above the noise in the club volleyball space, but we have some ideas to help your club stand out and attract prospective players.

The club volleyball space is crowded, with lots of voices shouting for attention. Clubs are in constant competition to recruit the best players—if you’re not careful, it can be easy to get drowned out in all the noise.

Crowded as the market may be, there are ways to create authentic buzz and cut through the clutter to help your club stand out. Use these tips to get moving in the right direction.

Be Different on Social Media

The thought of using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to market your club may not seem like a revolutionary idea. Just about every club has some kind of social media presence at this point—it’s an expectation, not an exception.

There are, however, unique social media strategies you can use to differentiate your accounts. Successful clubs are communities where the players enjoy playing with one another, parents feel connected and valued, and coaches are aligned in their beliefs. The entire group is a family, not a group of individuals.

Express that vibe on social media. Make sure you’re following all of your players, regularly interacting with them and sharing their posts. Call out their successes, awards or scholarship offers. Highlight the performance of alumni athletes who succeed at the college or national level. Encourage your players to share their experiences with the club.

Interact with prospective players and parents on social media, encouraging them to ask questions and chat with you. Every club may be using social media, but not all of them take full advantage. This is a great way to stand out.

Show, Don't Tell

Words may be the best way to describe why your club is a better choice than others, but blocks of text don’t attract eyeballs. Instead, lure the reader in with stunning visuals. Once they’re interested, they’ll be more likely to read testimonials or facts about your club.

Posts with visual content produce 650 percent higher engagement than those with only text. Create highlight videos that highlight the success of your teams and players.

You can also design graphics that celebrate tournament wins or announce upcoming matches. The more visual elements you supply in your messaging, the more likely you’re going to catch someone’s eye.

Get out There

Having a strong internet presence goes a long way, but nothing is as powerful as face-to-face communication. The more in-person interactions you have, the more people will know about and identify with your club.

Offer free sessions with coaches and invite players to attend. This helps them get comfortable with prospective coaches and understand their teaching style. Parents feel more comfortable entrusting their daughters’ careers to someone they know.

Attend any events you can. Get out to clinics, trade shows, demonstrations and other functions to connect with people in the club space. You could even go to some tournaments your teams aren’t participating in to get to know other coaches and directors.

With so many clubs vying for players’ attention, it isn’t easy to make yours stick out. But by getting creative with social media, sharing highlights, crafting stunning visuals and creating as many in-person interactions as you can, you can engender buzz for your club that will help it rise above the morass.

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