3 Factors Players Consider When Picking a Club 

In an athlete’s eyes, the com­pe­ti­tion lev­el, coach­ing staff and avail­able resources are what mat­ters most when choos­ing a club. 

3 Factors Players Consider When Picking a Club 

In an athlete’s eyes, the com­pe­ti­tion lev­el, coach­ing staff and avail­able resources are what mat­ters most when choos­ing a club. 

Choosing which club to play for can be dif­fi­cult for an ath­lete. With so many options to con­sid­er, they can often feel over­whelmed. How can they tell which club is going to help them reach their full poten­tial? For most ath­letes, there are three main fac­tors: the com­pe­ti­tion lev­el, coach­ing staff, and resources each club has to offer. Clubs can attract top tal­ent by keep­ing these in mind.

1. Competition Level

Some ath­letes want to be a part of top-notch pro­grams, while oth­ers could be look­ing to play recre­ation­al­ly. It’s all based on play­er pref­er­ence and what they’re hop­ing to get out of the expe­ri­ence. In the case of ambi­tious play­ers, if a play­er isn’t feel­ing chal­lenged by your club, you can guar­an­tee they’ll be on the look­out for bet­ter options.

As your club builds its ros­ter, keep your ath­letes’ per­spec­tive in mind. Playing with team­mates who are equal­ly — if not more — tal­ent­ed, skilled and dri­ven offers play­ers con­stant inspi­ra­tion to improve on a dai­ly basis. When team­mates work towards the same goals, they can push each oth­er and hold them­selves account­able. This leaves play­ers feel­ing con­fi­dent and pre­pared, rather than intim­i­dat­ed, when head­ing into high stake com­pe­ti­tions and tournaments. 

While the com­pet­i­tive dri­ve may vary from play­er to play­er, you can guar­an­tee ath­letes will seek out clubs that will fit their per­son­al needs, and put them in the best posi­tion to reach their goals. 

2. Coaching Staff

Players who are seri­ous about get­ting to the next lev­el need top-notch coach­es will­ing to do every­thing it takes to help them get there. A club’s rep­u­ta­tion and suc­cess is great­ly influ­enced by its coach­es — they’re the ones who direct­ly impact play­ers’ atti­tudes and per­for­mances. Players seek coach­es who not only know what they are talk­ing about, but know how to com­mu­ni­cate it.

A coach’s feed­back is cru­cial to play­er devel­op­ment. Players want acknowl­edge­ment for what they’ve done well, but also crave spe­cif­ic point­ers on how they can improve. While words are impact­ful, video allows coach­es to com­mu­ni­cate objec­tive feed­back direct­ly and effi­cient­ly to each indi­vid­ual player.

Athletes look for coach­es who are experts and who build on their own knowl­edge. With video, coach­es can pro­vide tan­gi­ble evi­dence to back up their eval­u­a­tions. This estab­lish­es cred­i­bil­i­ty with their play­ers and builds trust between coach­es and their athletes.

Coaches need to be able to inspire ath­letes. The best coach­es cul­ti­vate an envi­ron­ment of trust to help their ath­letes reach their full poten­tial. Coaches can make or break a pro­gram — be sure you’re using their exper­tise as a sell­ing point for your club.

3. Resources

Competitive ath­letes under­stand that to be the very best, their growth can­not be lim­it­ed sole­ly to their actions on the court. They see the big­ger pic­ture and know all areas of their life will affect their per­for­mance. Players are more like­ly to lean towards a club that offers the resources they need to grow. 

Does your club help play­ers excel in the weight room? What about ways to improve their nutri­tion or men­tal well-being? Do you give play­ers the chance to study video of their per­for­mance from any­where? Clubs need to focus on help­ing their ath­letes in many areas to attract the best talent. 

There could be many oth­er influ­encers for play­ers choos­ing a club. But you can bet com­pe­ti­tion lev­el, coach­es and resources will help deter­mine the best fit for them. 

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