Great athletes have the option to play for any club, so why should they choose yours? Let video answer that question.

Each fall, volleyball players across the nation begin thinking about what club they want to play for. Depending on where they live, they can be faced with hundreds of options. Clubs must find a way to stand out from all the rest and make the top athletes believe their club will help them better themselves and get them to the next level.

But how? With so much competition, how can a club break through the clutter and convince the best talent to join its ranks?

These are the questions all directors must face, and how they answer ultimately dictates how successful the club will be. Hit the right notes and players will be lining up to join your club. Here are four questions every club director should ask themselves when considering their marketing strategy.

How can I develop players?

This is the crux of every player’s decision. The reason they’re hitting the club circuit is so they can improve, attract the attention of college recruiters and move onto the next level. Clubs that prove they make their athletes better become more enticing in players’ eyes.

Video has proven to be a critical development tool, and the more clubs embrace it, the more their players can improve. Your coaches will become better at their craft by watching more video–they’ll be able to pick up on things that can be improved more quickly and communicate those issues with the players.

The players will benefit, too. Clubs might not have much time for team video sessions, but by teaching players how to watch on their own and creating a culture where athletes crave video, your athletes can learn at all times. There is a reason why legendary coaches like Terry Liskevych rave about video’s power–it’s the ultimate tool for development.

Teaching players how to watch video on their own time allows them to learn outside of team settings.

How can I help players get to the next level?

The goal of most club athletes is garner attention and get recruited. Video is the ultimate way to do just that. Hudl allows players to easily sift through game video to find their best plays and make stunning highlight reels.

Have your athletes share the highlights with college coaches via email or social media. If they’re interested, they’ll likely ask for full-game video, which is ready at your disposal. The more players you put on college rosters, the more attractive your club will be to potential newcomers.

How do I get the word out about my club?

Developing players and getting them to college will grab attention for your club, but directors should always be looking to create buzz on their own. Don’t just rely on word of mouth–get out there and let potential players know how strong your club is.

Create highlight videos of your teams and share them on social media. The more athletes and parents are aware of your club and the success you’re having, the more likely they’ll be eager to join.

How can I prove my teams are successful and my players are developing?

You can pump up your club all you want, but at some point you need solid proof that your program is helping players improve. This is where stats come in. The numbers back up your claims and help establish credibility for your club.

Statistics played a big role in helping the Southern Kentucky Elite Volleyball Academy get off the ground in its inaugural season. Using stats like passer rating and evaluating the performance of different rotations, director Caleb Sheffield was able to boost the performance of SKEVA’s teams.

“To be able to just literally click on the stat and watch the play… that was something that our kids used,” Sheffield said. “If you’re a hitter and you had six hitting errors in a game, you’re wondering, ‘What the heck am I doing wrong?’ You go and you click that stat and it’s going to tell you. You’re going to see what you were doing in that game that was causing you to have those errors. It’s huge for them to be able to learn.”

Video is a key component when it comes to marketing your club. It can be used to advance talent, get players on college coaches’ radars and build buzz around specific clubs. If you want to grow interest in your club and watch it expand, video is your best solution. .Find out more about setting your club apart by downloading this free eBook from Hudl + the Art of Coaching Volleyball.