Grow your team’s community by encouraging your players to share their experiences with their networks. 

Attracting new talent - and fans - is now easier than ever. Your players are uber connected anyway, already engaging with mobile devices and social media.

Why not take that tech obsession and use it to help grow your team’s community?

Make your players the buzz-builders to get new players interested in joining the team and fans in the stands. By encouraging your players to share their experiences and stories with their networks, your program will bring in new community members of every kind.

Here are a few ways your players can become advocates and how it will help your team.

Share Player Profiles

Athletes having a central hub or profile makes it easy to share with family, friends and fans. This will make it much easier for the community to get engaged and stay connected with their favorite players.

Athlete profiles allow players to quickly and easily customize a portfolio to share their experiences. They can share videos and updates, as well as follow and keep up with other players in their area.

As for the fans? They can easily follow their favorite athletes and teams, season after season. Think about how easily your player’s mom can send a profile link to the whole family to share the best moments from last week’s game.

Capture Real-Time Moments

Capturing a game or practice in real time can help others feel more involved. When it’s not too much of a distraction, maybe during water breaks at practice, players can take photos, share highlights, and more.

It allows the program’s future players to see what they’ll be a part of, and gives fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes view of the players they support. It’s like free floor seats or locker room tours, but a lot easier and less stressful to coordinate.

Embrace Video for Promotion

Video has been key to analyzing and understanding your team’s performance for a long time. Over the past few years, it’s also become key to engaging online audiences.

From quick, shareable stories taken on the fly to strategic reels created to impress recruiters, video creates a quick connection with whoever’s watching. 

Share video from games, practices and more on social media to put your program in front of as many fans and future players as possible. Show them what being part of the team feels like, and sleep easier knowing your messages are reaching the right audience.

You can even go so far as to live stream the game via Facebook or Instagram so fans can tune in from far away. It would take some work upfront, but from there on the project would be a breeze.

Uploading experiences and videos to Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook gets players excited and allows fans to follow along. And given the shareable nature of video today, the buzz and attention will only build from there.

Already have a plan to help players promote your program? Fill us in on their involvement, what’s working or what you still hope to improve. We’d love to add to this list.