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Volleyball in the Digital Age

How Clubs Gain an Edge with Video

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Set your club apart.

Finding unique and meaningful ways to grow your program can be difficult. The proverbial arms race in club volleyball is a challenge to navigate, as the clubs around you look to do the same thing. The most successful clubs use video to attract top talent, secure sponsors and set themselves apart from the competition.

What's Inside

  • How and why successful clubs have brought video into their program
  • Tips on using video to drive your vision
  • How video can reduce injury and fatigue for athletes
  • How to use video and stats to change the way teams prepare, compete and grow
  • Tips on using video to build your brand and spread the word about your club

We use Hudl for marketing all the time. Athletes are choosing a club by reputation and what they are offering. You can go to our website right now and see everything that our club offers, and Hudl is on there. It is one of our tools that brings kids in.

Caleb Sheffield
Director, Southern Kentucky Elite Volleyball Academy

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