Taking Football Stat Reports to the Next Level

Our new stat reports pro­vide even more infor­ma­tion to help coach­es thrive.

Taking Football Stat Reports to the Next Level

Our new stat reports pro­vide even more infor­ma­tion to help coach­es thrive.

Statistics have tak­en an increased role in coach­es’ game plans over the past few sea­sons. Staffs comb through the stats to try and unearth any trends, pat­terns or num­bers that might give them an edge over their opponent.

We’ve always worked to pro­vide reveal­ing sta­tis­tics, but this year we’re tak­ing those reports to a whole new lev­el. Hudl Assist users now get exclu­sive access to addi­tion­al lay­ers of data, which now include revamped ten­den­cy reports, inter­ac­tive box scores and our brand new dri­ve charts. 

These addi­tions make it eas­i­er than ever for coach­es to find new insights and improve their team’s performance.

Tendency Reports

The best way to beat the oppo­si­tion is to know what they’re going to do before they do it. The new ten­den­cy reports give an advanced break­down on what a team has done in cer­tain sit­u­a­tions in the past, allow­ing you a good pre­dic­tion on what they might do in the future.

These reports pro­vide stats based on play direc­tion, pre-snap motion, hash, down and dis­tance and area of the field. Curious to know what your oppo­nent called most often on third-and-short sit­u­a­tions in their pre­vi­ous game? How about what side of the line they’re more like­ly to run behind? Our reports answer those ques­tions and more.

In the same grain, it’s impor­tant for you to see your own ten­den­cies so coach­es can’t get a read on you. If you con­sis­tent­ly run on first down, you might be able to catch your oppo­nent off guard by design­ing a more air-cen­tric attack for a game. 

All of these reports are attached to video as well. Say an oppo­nent ran the same pass play in the red zone over and over the last time you played them. Now you can eas­i­ly orga­nize those moments into a playlist to share with your play­ers, prepar­ing them to take that option away.

Box Score

box score in assist

Hudl’s box score becomes your one-stop shop for the game’s vital stats. It pro­vides a score-by-quar­ter graph­ic, scor­ing sum­ma­ry and team stats for each side.

This is a great place to get a quick low­down on what tran­spired on the field. All the meat-and-pota­toes stats — total yards, first downs, penal­ties, etc. — are gath­ered in one place. 

Again, all the stats are linked to video, mak­ing it easy to review your scor­ing plays, third-down attempts, turnovers and more.

Drive Chart

Drive Chart

It’s nev­er been eas­i­er to break a game down, dri­ve by dri­ve. Clicking any dri­ve will recall video of those plays, allow­ing you to quick­ly break down why you were able to get a key stop or score a crit­i­cal touchdown.

This graph­ic also shows how many yards on each dri­ve were gained by runs, pass­es and penal­ties. It helps you get a feel for the flow of the game, what role turnovers played and whether dri­ves were of the quick-strike or method­i­cal variety.

These break­downs are the future of data and reports. They’re a faster and more appeal­ing way to visu­al­ize all of the infor­ma­tion we put in your hands. These reports are just anoth­er ben­e­fit of Hudl Assist and one more way to ease your week­ly work­flow. Any ques­tions about how to access these reports are answered right here.