2020 Preseason Football Essentials Checklist

Here’s the defin­i­tive pre­sea­son check­list for Hudl coach­es, for when­ev­er you’re ready to start. 

2020 Preseason Football Essentials Checklist

Here’s the defin­i­tive pre­sea­son check­list for Hudl coach­es, for when­ev­er you’re ready to start. 

The Basics

Set up your roster.

Add your 2020 – 2021 schedule.

Manage your storage.

  • Be sure you’re not over your lim­it. Here’s how to clean up your account.

Re-learn the ropes.

  • Browse Hudl Academy cours­es to refresh your mem­o­ry on any­thing you’re stuck on.
  • Visit Hudl Classic How-To’s to short videos on what you can do in your account.

Make sure the bills are paid.

  • Visit the Billing & Invoices page on your account to down­load your invoice or pay your bill with a cred­it card. 

See What’s New

Your library just got more efficient

Scouting with Hudl just got sim­pler. Explore these new fea­tures in your library.

Analysis Beta
In just a few clicks, you’ll instant­ly uncov­er the ten­den­cy break­downs you need to own Friday night.

Quick Filters
Create playlists in sec­onds with expan­sive pre-loaded fil­ters under your play­back con­trols, or cus­tomize your own.

Get Your Team Online

Update team and athlete profiles.

  • Update the team pro­file pic­ture, cov­er pho­to, team bio and colors. 
  • Remind your ath­letes to cre­ate high­lights and update their vitals. 
  • Add any key test­ing num­bers (40-yard dash, ver­ti­cal jump, etc.) to their pro­file page.

Get on the same page with Hudl messaging.

You can eas­i­ly update work­out sched­ules and send tips to your play­ers and coach­es with­out fear of them miss­ing the message.

Plan Your Data

Create and update breakdown data values.

Make sure you’ve estab­lished what data you’re track­ing before the sea­son starts. Remember, it’s always eas­i­er to sub­tract dur­ing the sea­son than add.

    Get some help from Hudl Assist.

    Save time this sea­son by let­ting our team break down your game or scout film. Submit your video and with­in 24 hours you’ll get 16 columns of data to help you prepare.

    • Select your oppo­nents from the drop-down list on your schedule. 
    • Have a des­ig­nat­ed per­son to name your for­ma­tions to elim­i­nate confusion.
    • See our tuto­r­i­al page for best prac­tices with sub­mit­ting games.

    Get your playbook in order.

    With Play Tools, your entire play­book can live on Hudl to be eas­i­ly shared with play­ers and coach­es. Learn more about how you can use it to shape your prac­tice plans.

    • Ensure your play­book is up to date. Add any new plays and remove out­dat­ed ones.

    For Game Nights

    Make sure your cameras are ready to roll.

    • Fully charge your batteries. 
    • Wipe SD cards or clear space to avoid stor­age problems. 
    • If you’re record­ing with the Hudl app, dou­ble-check that you have the most updat­ed app version.

    Assign a reliable tagger to live tag.

    Plan your process for uploading. 

    • Decide where you’ll upload your games, whether it’s at the school or at home, to be sure there’s no firewalls.
    • Do a test upload to make sure there aren’t any issues.

    For Hudl Sideline Users

    Do a trial run before your first game. 

    • Try your best to sim­u­late a game-like atmos­phere. This includes: 
      • Loud­speak­er announcements
      • Head­set frequencies 
      • Move­ment on the field
      • Crowd noise
    • Double-check coach respon­si­bil­i­ties with Hudl Sideline to avoid any last-minute scrambles.

    Gather your accessories.

    • Have extra HDMI cables on hand in case one breaks.
    • Be ready with any tarps or weath­er­proof­ing gear before inclement weath­er hits.

    Know where your hot routes are.

    Get your iPads and iPhones ready.

    • Download the Hudl Sideline app and make sure every­thing on the devices is up to date. 
    • Check that there’s avail­able stor­age so your devices are able to record and send clips.
    • Plan which devices you will use on game day. The old­er the device, the less com­pat­i­ble it is with Sideline.
    • Nothing’s worse than a dead bat­tery on the first down — dou­ble-check that your pow­er is ready to go.

    Additional Resources

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      Adjust at game-speed with Hudl Sideline.

      Get instant replay from two angles for a clos­er look at every down, then record and upload straight to Hudl in seconds. 

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      Hudl Play Tools

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      Return to Play

      Get an upgrade with all of the above, at no addi­tion­al cost in year one, when you sign up for a two-year con­tract at your cur­rent price. Talk to your AD about learn­ing more.

      Program Details >