Combining statistics and video gives coaches the ability to make potentially season-altering adjustments.

Video is one of the greatest weapons at a coach’s disposal. Being able to go back and watch previous games not only uncovers strengths and weaknesses of your team, but also exposes what the opposition excels at and struggles with.

But stopping at just video is putting a cap on what Hudl can do. Tagging games not only gives insightful statistical breakdowns, but also makes recalling specific moments in any game an easy exercise.

Stats and video are powerful tools on their own. But when combined, they have the ability to make breakdowns, scouting and highlight creation easier and more impactful than ever.

Are you maximizing the combination of stats and video with your team? Here are some areas to take a look at:

Find Key Moments In Your Video Faster

Accurate stat tagging allows you to pull up any particular play in a matter of moments. Want to find out why your team struggled in third-and-short situations? A few clicks will create a playlist of all those plays, allowing you to quickly examine why you had breakdowns in a certain situation.

Playlists can be easily generated for individual athletes. If you want your quarterback to watch his first-quarter pass attempts, this video is sifted out. This also makes crafting game plans for the opposition a relative breeze. Instead of having to watch the entire video and find specific plays, Hudl does the work for you.

Help Your Team and Individual Athletes Find Highlight-Worthy Moments

Part of succeeding as a coach is helping your athletes make it to the next level. In order to catch the eye of college talent evaluators, your players need effective highlight videos. Having stats tagged accurately eases the burden put on these players, as their top highlights can be quickly found and compiled into a video better suited to grab the attention of college coaches.

Build Better Season Stats and Export Data to MaxPreps

Whether tagging games yourself or having Hudl’s analysts break down video for you, season stats are automatically compiled and can unearth tendencies, strengths and weaknesses of both your team and your opponents.

And transferring stats to MaxPreps is a breeze. After tagging a game, all you need to do is approve the stats. They’ll be automatically shipped out to MaxPreps to share with athletes, parents and recruiters.

Create Custom and Automatic Scouting Reports For Your Team and Opponents

Want to know your opponents’ run-pass ratio on first down? How about what types of plays work best for you off the left hash? These insights and infinitely more are now at your disposal.

Not only can you see the stats in certain situations, but you can recall the video necessary to see exactly what adjustments need to be made. The stats are directly linked to video, making it fast and easy to share insights with players and assistants.

The breakdowns can be as in-depth as you want them to be. If you’re big into stats, Hudl can dive deep and submit reports on things such as formations, down and distance and blitzes. These reports not only give you insight into your own tendencies but give a peek behind the curtain on what your opponent is trying to do.

Enjoy Auto-Generated Game Recaps

A new feature this year, Hudl can automatically create Sportscenter-like video recaps of games, capturing the contest’s top highlights, biggest moments and top performers.

These videos can be shared post game as a way of celebrating your team’s performance and the players that led the way. Seeing themselves in a professional video will boost your players’ confidence, and the community can share in the victory.

Have any other ways you use stats to help your team? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.