Video gives parents access to every match, and helps players improve and get recruited.

As video’s role in club volleyball has increased, having access to it has moved from being an advantage to something every team needs to use. Legendary coaches such as Terry Liskevych are promoting its power. Video’s ability to help athletes improve and draw the eyes of college recruiters is well documented.

Coaches and club directors understand the benefits, but it’s important for parents to embrace video as well. They want the absolute best for their children and will do what it takes to help them find success.

Video can be what jump-starts an athlete’s career while connecting parents and other family members like never before.

Video Gets Athletes Recruited

College coaches still hit the tournament circuit, but they can’t be everywhere at once. They could miss an athlete’s big weekend or maybe show up for a rare match where the athlete performed poorly. Even teams like Nebraska, the reigning national champs, can struggle to keep up.

“There are so many kids playing volleyball, it seems like there’s a tournament to recruit every weekend,” head coach John Cook told USA Today. “It’s an overwhelming task for even a program like Nebraska to focus in on certain players. As a recruit, you need to make some contacts and get connected with the programs that are right for you. If you don’t, you can just get lost among the hundreds and hundreds of players competing in those tournaments every weekend, where coaches are supposed to find you.”

Now players have the ability to be proactive with their recruitment. By creating a highlight video that spotlights their strengths, players can reach out to coaches and catch their attention. If recruiters are enticed by the highlights, they’ll request full matches to further evaluate a prospect.

Video gets an athlete’s foot in the door. It’s the first step in the recruiting process.

Video Helps Players Improve

Improvement comes through practicing and experiencing on-court action, but video can help players develop when they’re not in the gym.

By watching themselves perform, players gain a better understanding of what their coaches or parents are trying to tell them. It’s one thing to hear what they need to work on, but actually seeing it takes learning to a whole new level.

And you can be sure your athlete will be expected to understand video review when he or she gets to the next level. Colleges are constantly using video, and any freshman who enters the system familiar with it will be at an advantage.

Video Makes Every Match Available

Even the most dedicated parents can have trouble keeping up with a busy season. Tournaments take clubs all over the area, sometimes even the country—between work and other responsibilities, attending every match just isn’t always possible.

By recording and storing video on Hudl, parents can see every match. They can share the video with other relatives and use it to help their athlete improve. Video removes the barriers of time and travel.

Hudl also makes it very easy for players and parents to create stunning highlights to share with friends and family. Hudl Assist simplifies the process even further, allowing the user to quickly filter through the video and find their best plays.

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