3 Major Benefits Hudl Provides to Club Volleyball Parents

Video gives par­ents access to every match, and helps play­ers improve and get recruited.

3 Major Benefits Hudl Provides to Club Volleyball Parents

Video gives par­ents access to every match, and helps play­ers improve and get recruited.

As video’s role in club vol­ley­ball has increased, hav­ing access to it has moved from being an advan­tage to some­thing every team needs to use. Legendary coach­es such as Terry Liskevych are pro­mot­ing its pow­er. Video’s abil­i­ty to help ath­letes improve and draw the eyes of col­lege recruiters is well documented.

Coaches and club direc­tors under­stand the ben­e­fits, but it’s impor­tant for par­ents to embrace video as well. They want the absolute best for their chil­dren and will do what it takes to help them find success. 

Video can be what jump-starts an athlete’s career while con­nect­ing par­ents and oth­er fam­i­ly mem­bers like nev­er before. 

Video Gets Athletes Recruited

College coach­es still hit the tour­na­ment cir­cuit, but they can’t be every­where at once. They could miss an athlete’s big week­end or maybe show up for a rare match where the ath­lete per­formed poor­ly. Even teams like Nebraska, the reign­ing nation­al champs, can strug­gle to keep up.

There are so many kids play­ing vol­ley­ball, it seems like there’s a tour­na­ment to recruit every week­end,” head coach John Cook told USA Today. It’s an over­whelm­ing task for even a pro­gram like Nebraska to focus in on cer­tain play­ers. As a recruit, you need to make some con­tacts and get con­nect­ed with the pro­grams that are right for you. If you don’t, you can just get lost among the hun­dreds and hun­dreds of play­ers com­pet­ing in those tour­na­ments every week­end, where coach­es are sup­posed to find you.”

Now play­ers have the abil­i­ty to be proac­tive with their recruit­ment. By cre­at­ing a high­light video that spot­lights their strengths, play­ers can reach out to coach­es and catch their atten­tion. If recruiters are enticed by the high­lights, they’ll request full match­es to fur­ther eval­u­ate a prospect. 

Video gets an athlete’s foot in the door. It’s the first step in the recruit­ing process.

Video Helps Players Improve

Improvement comes through prac­tic­ing and expe­ri­enc­ing on-court action, but video can help play­ers devel­op when they’re not in the gym.

By watch­ing them­selves per­form, play­ers gain a bet­ter under­stand­ing of what their coach­es or par­ents are try­ing to tell them. It’s one thing to hear what they need to work on, but actu­al­ly see­ing it takes learn­ing to a whole new lev­el.

And you can be sure your ath­lete will be expect­ed to under­stand video review when he or she gets to the next lev­el. Colleges are con­stant­ly using video, and any fresh­man who enters the sys­tem famil­iar with it will be at an advantage.

Video Makes Every Match Available

Even the most ded­i­cat­ed par­ents can have trou­ble keep­ing up with a busy sea­son. Tournaments take clubs all over the area, some­times even the coun­try — between work and oth­er respon­si­bil­i­ties, attend­ing every match just isn’t always possible.

By record­ing and stor­ing video on Hudl, par­ents can see every match. They can share the video with oth­er rel­a­tives and use it to help their ath­lete improve. Video removes the bar­ri­ers of time and travel.

Hudl also makes it very easy for play­ers and par­ents to cre­ate stun­ning high­lights to share with friends and fam­i­ly. Hudl Assist sim­pli­fies the process even fur­ther, allow­ing the user to quick­ly fil­ter through the video and find their best plays.

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