Our latest automated reports tie every data point on the ice to video for more thorough analysis.

Thousands upon thousands of Hudl users across various sports have raved about the way our Hudl Assist products compartmentalize and enhance their workflows. They get time back in their busy work schedule. They’re able to hone in on the details that make the difference in a winning culture. They’re even making new discoveries with their data.

And now, we have a new sport joining the fray. Ice hockey is the sixth sport Hudl offers automatic game breakdowns, stats and reports for, joining football, basketball, volleyball, soccer and lacrosse.

Wondering about the benefits of adding Hudl Assist to your ice hockey program? There’s many:

Enhance your limited time

Anybody who’s had to get up for a morning skate will attest that securing ice time at a local rink is far from easy—and certainly not cost-friendly. Every minute counts during those practices, which is why you can’t afford to waste them figuring out the data from the previous night’s game.

With options for 12 or 24-hour turnarounds, you’ll get everything you need—every faceoff battle, every shot on net, every power play—without having to take time away from fine-tuning those critical details that give you the edge in crunch time. 

Across our five other sports, the average time saved during a typical season is more than 130 hours. What would you do with that much extra time? Maybe get a few extra hours at the rink?

Easy on the eyes

Hockey is one of the world’s fastest sports. Catching all the action, never mind charting it, can be an eyesore. Visuals are imperative, which is why we made sure these reports look as inviting as possible. 

You’ll not only get the shots—you’ll see where they were taken from, and how successful your players are in every area of the offensive zone, along with subviews on special teams and strengths. You’ll also see every faceoff battle broken down by won/lost, strength and zone, as well as charts that visualize how you’re trending in the major stat categories over the length of the season.

Everything synced to video

Get all of the most important stats—and the clips, too. Every single piece of data is tied directly to video with these reports. You won’t just see the shot. You’ll see how the shot happened (or how it was blocked). Did you facilitate enough net-front presence? Did you create good passing lanes? Did you cover all your angles? You’ll have the answers to these questions with just a few clicks.

As we all know, there’s no truth serum like video analysis. Nothing bridges difficult conversations with your players better than when their stats are tied directly to the film.


This new feature is only compatible with the newest version of Hudl. Need to know if you qualify? Interested in trying out Assist? Use the links below to contact a Hudl representative and get started.

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