We’re Breaking the Ice — Hudl Assist Is Here For Hockey

Our lat­est auto­mat­ed reports tie every data point on the ice to video for more thor­ough analysis.

We’re Breaking the Ice — Hudl Assist Is Here For Hockey

Our lat­est auto­mat­ed reports tie every data point on the ice to video for more thor­ough analysis.

Thousands upon thou­sands of Hudl users across var­i­ous sports have raved about the way our Hudl Assist prod­ucts com­part­men­tal­ize and enhance their work­flows. They get time back in their busy work sched­ule. They’re able to hone in on the details that make the dif­fer­ence in a win­ning cul­ture. They’re even mak­ing new dis­cov­er­ies with their data.

And now, we have a new sport join­ing the fray. Ice hock­ey is the sixth sport Hudl offers auto­mat­ic game break­downs, stats and reports for, join­ing foot­ball, bas­ket­ball, vol­ley­ball, soc­cer and lacrosse.

Wondering about the ben­e­fits of adding Hudl Assist to your ice hock­ey pro­gram? There’s many:

Enhance your limited time

Anybody who’s had to get up for a morn­ing skate will attest that secur­ing ice time at a local rink is far from easy — and cer­tain­ly not cost-friend­ly. Every minute counts dur­ing those prac­tices, which is why you can’t afford to waste them fig­ur­ing out the data from the pre­vi­ous night’s game.

With options for 12 or 24-hour turn­arounds, you’ll get every­thing you need — every face­off bat­tle, every shot on net, every pow­er play — with­out hav­ing to take time away from fine-tun­ing those crit­i­cal details that give you the edge in crunch time. 

Across our five oth­er sports, the aver­age time saved dur­ing a typ­i­cal sea­son is more than 130 hours. What would you do with that much extra time? Maybe get a few extra hours at the rink?

Easy on the eyes

Hockey is one of the world’s fastest sports. Catching all the action, nev­er mind chart­ing it, can be an eye­sore. Visuals are imper­a­tive, which is why we made sure these reports look as invit­ing as possible. 

You’ll not only get the shots — you’ll see where they were tak­en from, and how suc­cess­ful your play­ers are in every area of the offen­sive zone, along with sub­views on spe­cial teams and strengths. You’ll also see every face­off bat­tle bro­ken down by won/​lost, strength and zone, as well as charts that visu­al­ize how you’re trend­ing in the major stat cat­e­gories over the length of the season.

Everything synced to video

Get all of the most impor­tant stats—and the clips, too. Every sin­gle piece of data is tied direct­ly to video with these reports. You won’t just see the shot. You’ll see how the shot hap­pened (or how it was blocked). Did you facil­i­tate enough net-front pres­ence? Did you cre­ate good pass­ing lanes? Did you cov­er all your angles? You’ll have the answers to these ques­tions with just a few clicks.

As we all know, there’s no truth serum like video analy­sis. Nothing bridges dif­fi­cult con­ver­sa­tions with your play­ers bet­ter than when their stats are tied direct­ly to the film.


This new fea­ture is only com­pat­i­ble with the newest ver­sion of Hudl. Need to know if you qual­i­fy? Interested in try­ing out Assist? Use the links below to con­tact a Hudl rep­re­sen­ta­tive and get started.

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