We tracked down the perfect tripod and zoom lenses, and threw them all together for one ideal setup.

With the announcement of our new basketball tools came the opportunity to put new gear in coaches’ hands. The redesigned workflow can begin and end on one iOS device. To make that tablet experience even better, we tracked down the perfect tripod and zoom lenses, and threw them all together for one ideal setup.

We expected basketball coaches to get excited, but the interest from other sports like football, lacrosse and soccer has been overwhelming.

With mobile capture available for all teams on both iOS and Android, they’re fully aware of how beneficial the iPad setup would be for their sport.

While we wish iPads grew on trees and we could send them off to every new and existing team, that’s not the case. Instead, check out the links below for awesome deals on each piece.


We love working with iOgrapher, the guys behind the customized cases we’ve been sending with the setup. Be sure to check out their site for the full list of available sizes and colors. Prices range from $50-70.


We send a telephoto and wide angle lens with the ideal setup, both available on iOgrapher.com for $19.95 apiece. If you already have a 37mm lens, don’t sweat! It will fit that new case just fine.


What’s the point in getting this case and lenses? It’s how you mount the iPad to your tripod. Any standard tripod with a head mount will work great with the iOgrapher case, but we recommend the Vista Explorer 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod.

It’s a sturdy, inexpensive option. If you’re into researching before buying, just Google “Explorer Tripod” for similar results. They’ll cost anywhere from $20 to $40.


The main event! When it comes to iPads, we recommend the 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad Air 2. Apple lists them for $499, but you might be able to find sweet deals at Target, Walmart, or Best Buy. And don’t forget Amazon.

If you have any questions about getting started with the new setup, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We’re excited to see coaches dominate with the new tools this season and are always looking for new tips and tricks to share. If you have other equipment you can’t live without or suggested routines for capture and upload, let us know in the comments.