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From leading athletes and managing staff to work off the field and personal commitments, coaches have a lot on their plates. Hudl Assist takes the busy work of breaking down game film off those plates—see how. 

Time Spent on Stats

We knew coaches can put some serious time into tracking stats, but we wanted to know just how serious. Typically, coaches break down two or more games per week. That adds up to an average of 136 hours—more than five days—breaking down film each season. See how that number changes by sport:

Hours per Game
A coach spends an average of three-to-four hours breaking down a game.
Breakdowns per Season
Amount of games you play combined with number of opponent games.
Hours per Season
This is how much time you can save each season using Hudl Assist.

More time for what matters

Dive Deeper into Data

Assist data is linked directly to your video, so you can see exactly where your stats are coming from. You can also use Assist for scout games and dig into opponent tendencies.

Level Up the Team

Assist stats are linked to game film so it’s easy to find key moments fast. Coaches can filter clips by the plays that matter most to their team for more efficient and relevant film review.

“Both my assistant and I are full-time high school teachers so anything that can cut down time for us, we’re definitely looking into. Otherwise we’d spend all of our time at home or later at night doing our scout stuff on opponents. We’re able to do what used to take two–three hours in 20–30 minutes and still have the same level of information as we did before.”

Matt Marrujo

Coach at Servite High School and Balboa Bay Volleyball Club

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