When you’re a company with employees spread out all over the globe, chances are good that some of your managers will be leading teams made up of people from different countries. 

It’s almost a guarantee when you’re leading a support team that helps professional teams and clubs, who are also located world-wide, use performance analysis hardware and software. Director of Elite Support & Implementation Mick Conlan had experience with management before he came to Hudl, but not on this scale. 

“I'd managed people in Australia and New Zealand and across Oceania. [But] I've never managed a Frenchman, a Dutchman, and people from the U.S. Everyone has regional, different tendencies and needs and people work differently, like the way they talk about different things or the way they have expectations around management.

“And regional demands in Argentina may be different to what they are in Australia. [...] It's helped us get better in all regions because we've learned from those experiences.”

Broadening his horizons is one of the reasons Conlan has stayed at Hudl throughout some major events in his life, like starting a family, earning promotions in his career and moving from Sydney, Australia to Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Watch his full interview below, then keep scrolling for a few of Conlan’s biggest takeaways for anyone looking to start their career at Hudl.

I think the more mix of people that we can get, the better we become as a team, the better our services and our offerings become to customers.

1. Learn about the customer.

“Helping people work through issues that they're having, which may be game day critical or workflow critical, [...] I really enjoyed that part of the role because I got a really good understanding of what all our products were. And then the intricate why’s, like why someone would use it. 

We talk about how someone should work through an issue, how they should utilize Sportscode or Hudl or everything in the correct way, but I really enjoyed troubleshooting and understanding the why someone would actually use the product.”

2. Coach, don’t manage.

“It's been awesome to see people progress. As a manager, I always want to make sure that we're bettering people around us. Like I may not have the title of a coach, but I'm a coach every day. I'm working with people to get better and I want to make sure that they're getting what they need out of me.”

3. Be a sponge.

“Just come in and make sure you're a sponge from day one. Make sure you're willing to learn and wanting to get better every day. And whether it's with Hudl for three to five to 10 years, like either way, you're going to come out better from the opportunity of working with Hudl.”

4. Look ahead in interviews.

“I always look for someone with attention to detail, a get stuff done attitude, you know, is a self motivator and is driven to learn and grow. I also like someone that's going to come in and go, ‘You know what? I want to learn the intricacies of this product to a really high level and then what are my next opportunities?’ And I want people to look three years ahead. Let's make sure you've got a really strong foundation, understand what suits you and your personality at Hudl and let's create a career path for you.”

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