Maybe you’ve always known what you wanted your career to be, and now you’re doing it and completely crushing it. Or maybe you’re more like Tarryn Moss, a product manager at Hudl, who was doing what she was passionate about before she realized she could make a career out of it. 

A pivot led her down the product management journey and she’s never looked back, only forward. And at Hudl, her forward path has a lot of exciting twists and turns.

“One really incredible thing about Hudl is we are growing immensely, […] there's a new opportunity to go solve for all the time,” said Moss.

Want to hear the full story? Watch the video below of our interview with Moss, or keep reading to learn the details on product management at Hudl.

Watch the full interview with Tarryn Moss.
“Our coaches and athletes want to talk to us and give us feedback—that's not the case at every product organization.”

Ever talked to a customer who really didn’t want to talk to you? If you’re in product management, you might’ve just answered “yes.” But when you’re in that field at Hudl, that answer is really unlikely according to Moss. 

Why? Because product management is different at Hudl. Sure, we’re building solutions for our customers’ problems. But we don’t settle. We’re constantly asking ourselves, “Are we solving the right problem? Are we investing in the right area?” Product managers at Hudl have the support they need to bring their individual perspectives to work.

“When I first started out as a product manager, I had an incredible squad that really taught me, just bring yourself to work every day," said Moss. "Whoever that person is, be authentic to yourself, ask your questions, your voices will be heard here.

"The opportunities really are endless and I'm never bored, which I absolutely love.”

And not only are you encouraged to ask questions, to keep exploring new areas, but you can see the impact you’re making. 

“Instead of having to release [a product], waiting for a handful of months, trying to get some feedback and then go make some changes, we can get that feedback as we're building, which is really exciting because coaches have lots of really great feedback for us, and thoughts, and so it's fun to be able to apply that quickly.”

Check off “a visible impact” from your employer must-haves list. Now what about all of Hudl’s other perks? For Moss, the flexible work hours are crucial. 

“I get supported in the things that I love to do, which is coaching volleyball and going and mentoring college students that maybe want to be product managers or want to work in a product org. So Hudl really helps me be a better, well-rounded individual by supporting me in all of those different aspects of my life.”

As a former volleyball player herself, Moss' side coaching job is incredibly important to her. But Hudl doesn’t make her choose. After all, this is a company whose products are designed to make coaches lives easier. And that extends to employees. Moss' full-time schedule at Hudl is flexible, so she can work around her coaching schedule.

“I had the flexibility to say, alright I'm going to move my hours around at Hudl a little bit, I'm going to make sure my meetings accommodate, and then I'm going to go to practice at 3:45. I'm going to bring my best self to that practice, too, because I'm not going to be stressed about leaving work early. And I'm going to be able to apply what I'm learning from all these incredible coaches that I get to talk to every day, to become a better coach for my athletes as well, which is a lot of fun.

“I never was worried about having to think about, ‘Oh gosh, how am I going to make sure that Hudl’s still getting the best in me, and my athletes are getting the best of me?' I really had that support.”

Whether you think you know your entire career path or if you have no idea what your next move is, Moss' last takeaway for you is the same: don’t be afraid to change your mind.

“Take those curves, take those new opportunities, and say yes to them instead of saying no.”

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