Ever wonder if you have to be all about sports to enjoy working at Hudl? VP of Engineering Jen Stephan can confirm that’s not the case. 

“So many people actually don't love sports. So many people just love technology. They love any of the number of problems that we're solving, [...] a lot of technology-driven problems. And sports happens to be the domain in which we’re solving them.”

Now that we’ve set the record straight, let’s go over what else you can expect from Hudl as an employer, especially when it comes to the engineering team. Watch Stephan's full interview below, and keep reading to see her answers to some of our most frequently asked questions from candidates.

How’s Hudl’s gender diversity at the leadership level?

“I would say that this is by far the most female representation and gender diversity that I have experienced in a leadership group. And we all appreciate that. I think it's incredibly important. I'm a big fan of the ‘if you can see her, you can be her,’ and you can absolutely see that in how Hudl demonstrates that with its women in leadership, and gender diversity, across the board.”

How important is professional development at Hudl?

“We want to make sure that our engineers are happy, that they're challenged, that they're constantly learning. [As VP, I help] make sure that all of those things are in place to build a healthy engineering organization that delivers product to market as quickly as possible. At the same time, [we make] sure that each engineer is having a great experience here at Hudl, they're learning, they're growing their career. It's always working in a two way street—we want to give them the best opportunity, we want to get the most out of them and help them grow their career.” 

What makes Hudl’s product team different?

“A lot of companies may talk about empowering teams, but Hudl truly empowers teams to make decisions at the team level. And when I work with leadership, leadership is very conscious of the fact that we really want to make sure that the teams have the knowledge, have the domain understanding, that allows them to work as a team. 

“And our job is to empower those teams. It's to support those teams, it's to make sure that they're successful. And I think that's what gives people such a high satisfaction of their job, is that they actually get to make the decisions. They actually have an impact and they aren't just taking orders and doing X, Y and Z. They're actually collaborating with the product teams, actually working towards solving problems in the market, creating products that are going to deliver value to our customers. [...] Here you actually have that trust of teams, that they're going to do it right.”

Why do you love working at Hudl?

“So in some places that I've worked, I feel like progress can be slow and we have longer time horizons for being able to see the output of our work. At Hudl, I feel like we deliver so much, so quickly, that I come in every day knowing that I'm able to actually see progress, talk to folks and see movement in so many different areas, it's very impressive.”

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