This workout keeps players focused on three key skills all complete offensive players should possess.

We’re pumped to announce that we’ve partnered with PGC to bring amazing basketball content to our coaches, complete with biweekly blog posts featuring quick, easy drills designed to help athletes level up in the offseason. Each article will include a video of the drill in action, the main points to hit on as the drill is being run, and its overall goal.

In addition to hitting the blog, we’ll be sure to share every drill on Twitter and Facebook—maybe even your Hudl feed.

What is PGC?

PGC is an organization focused on providing basketball coaches and athletes an intense, no-nonsense training experience through courses and clinics. PGC’s mission is to SCHAPE the way basketball is played and taught by educating, equipping and inspiring coaches and athletes. The founding principles of SCHAPE are:

  • Spirit. Inspire coaches and athletes to get in touch with what they love about the game.
  • Communication. Communicate values in everything you do. Use creativity to make your teaching memorable and effective.
  • Hustle. Do more than your share, and more than what’s expected.
  • Approach. Align your actions with your purpose and values.
  • Precision. Pay attention to the little things and maintain an unwavering commitment to excellence.
  • Enhancement. Look for ways to make your team the very best they can be.

Led by CEO Mano Watsa, PGC has a team of 19 accomplished teachers leading eight different courses throughout the year in 30 states and three Canadian provinces. Each course is specifically designed to teach players and coaches to train effectively, play the game intelligently, and lead in games, practices, and everyday life.

In 2014, PGC partnered with Glazier Clinics to bring the course series to more coaches. 

We can’t wait to bring you every last tip and trick needed to dominate throughout the year. No matter what type of coach you are, or where you’re at in the season, there’s always something to learn from PGC.

The Gauntlet

Check out the first video of the series, featuring the Gauntlet. This workout keeps players focused on three key skills all complete offensive players should possess:

  • Handling the basketball
  • Making quality passes
  • Scoring multiple ways

Don’t hesitate to get creative in making this workout more challenging for your team. Have players compete against the clock or establish a standard of consecutive makes. There’s no limit to how you as a coach can make it a more difficult workout specific to the needs of each individual athlete.

This is the first episode in a series featuring full drills from the PGC circuit. As with all drills in this series, we would love to hear your thoughts – just comment below with ways to make it even better or how you plan to effectively use it in upcoming workouts.

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