Our updated platform has video review tools, stats, and reports built just for ice hockey. We’ve resurfaced the library, revamped playlists, and designed interactive reports to study every inch of the ice.

To put it bluntly, ice hockey is a different beast; it’s a whirlwind of fast-paced action. Twenty minute periods mean three twenty minute periods of nonstop hockey—the game seldom stops. Due to this style of play, our clip-based platform didn’t do the game justice. 

So we did something about it. 

We developed better tools, and more insightful reports, to give you a greater competitive advantage on the ice. We’ll walk you through the easy ways to start incorporating these updates into your routine and show you everything you need to rule the rink.

New video library

No matter how you record, it's easy to get your film into our new video library on Hudl. Record and upload directly from the Hudl app, or use your camera and upload from your computer.

Once your video is online, it will mimic the free-flowing nature of hockey, eliminating the need to start and stop the iPad or camera when recording or splitting your video into clips when uploading.

Apply custom labels to keep your video organized, use filters such as content type and scheduled events, or use the search bar to find the right video or playlist. More customization means more control of your library.

Record and upload with the Hudl app | Get film online with the web uploader | Manage your library

Clips and Playlists

Instead of your film playing as clips, you can create clips to pinpoint the teachable moments. We’ve given you two ways to do this: from scratch in the video player, or from the stats reports page where you can utilize your team’s data to showcase those moments. Create clips for your power plays, faceoffs or goals—the possibilities are endless.

Any clips you cre­ate will be added to a playlist and exist sep­a­rate from the orig­i­nal video. Playlists can be shared with the whole team, custom groups or individuals because, after all, your goaltenders prob­a­bly aren’t work­ing on the same skills as your forwards.

Create clips | Share clips in playlists

Stats and Reports

Knowing the importance of data, we've built a new reports page to allow you to analyze and study every inch of the ice. Each stat links directly to video, automatically creating playlists to help you understand the “why” behind the data. To get these reports, it starts with tagging your game.

A tag tells you the who, what and where the important moments happened in your game. They also generate your team’s stats.  And with filters in the video player, it’s easy to search the tags to find exactly what you’re looking for.

You can tag moments for both team and players as you watch the video on your computer or you can save time and let us break down your video by sending your games to Hudl Assist

No matter how you get your stats, Hudl will generate powerful reports to bring those numbers to life. See averages and totals for each stat, or review the ratios Hudl calculates to better understand won percentages for each power play and faceoff.

Add tags | Submit to Assist

With a new library, playlist options, and reports to study to your performance, we can’t wait to see how these updates impact your team. If it seems like a lot, don’t worry—we’re here every step of the way. Check out our quick start guides and step-by-step tutorials for help with just about anything.