Upload Video from a Computer

  1. Log in to Hudl.com and click Upload

  2. Use the drop-down to select the correct team for the upload.

  3. Click Select Files or drag and drop video into the upload window. 

  4. Browse for the file(s) and click Open.

    Have multiple files from your game? Be sure to select them all before you click Open.

  5. Files will be combined during upload, so make sure they’re listed in the correct order. If you need change the order, select the drop-down next to Order By and choose Original Order, File Name or Date Modified.

  6. To tie your video to a schedule entry, choose the event or click Add a scheduled event. 

    Click None if you don’t want the video tied to a schedule entry.

  7. Under Labels, type a label in the space provided. Labels help you organize and locate videos quickly.

    When you’re finished, hit the enter key to add the label and start a new one. To remove a label, click the x icon to the right of its name.

  8. If you’re not submitting this video to Hudl Assist, click Save. Your video will continue upload and be ready to watch soon.

    If you’d like to send your video to Hudl Assist, skip to the next step. 

  9. If you’d like to send the video to Hudl Assist, check the box next to Send to Assist.

  10. Click Save & Send to Assist, then fill out all required details, like periods, jersey color, final score and players. Leave a message for your analyst with any important information (e.g., distinguishing features to identify players with obstructed jersey numbers, jersey number changes or unique game situations or missing video). When finished, click Send to Assist.

  11. Click Edit to select who can access the video.

    Hover over the circles below Edit to view who will be able to see this upload.

  12. Click the box under Share With Others to select the athletes or groups who should have access. 

    Narrow your search by typing the name of a group or member in the search box.

  13. Click Send and Save

    To disable notifications, uncheck the box next to Send Notification and click Add, then Done.

  14. Once the upload is complete, click Start Watching or click Video to find it in your library.