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Get in on the ground floor.
As our team works to improve Hudl, we often need a user’s opinion. We want Hudl to provide what coaches and teams need. The only way to be sure we’re doing that is by doing research and talking to users like you. That’s why we’re launching a community of football coaches and directors called Hudl Insiders. 

As a member of this group, we’ll contact you with opportunities for surveys, user interviews and product testing. There’s no commitment to participate when we reach out, but we’d love if you could. This is your opportunity to impact what we do as a company. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Be in the know on new product updates and technology.
  • Collaborate with our product and research teams through surveys and user interviews.
  • Be the first to have access to our beta releases and product tests.
  • Influence how we create features.

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