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Powerful tools for your team.

Automate your film.

Hudl Focus Outdoor uses AI technology to follow the action on the field and auto­mat­i­cal­ly records, clips and uploads — no cam­er­ap­er­son required. It even integrates with Hudl Sideline for the ultimate press box angle. 

Hudl Assist report displayed on a laptop

Take back your time.

Send us your film — or your opponent’s — and we’ll deliver the most vital data in less than a day.

Hudl Sideline wireless hardware and iPad app

Adjust at game speed.

With instant replay analysis, you can review from multiple angles and make adjustments in real time.

Hudl Bluetooth Remote

Present with confidence.

Our Bluetooth remote puts you in control and makes film sessions a breeze.

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Diagrams of plays

Make your playbook mobile.

Learn from anywhere with 
digital playbooks and practice scripts.

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Get inspired.

Learn how top football coaches are blazing new trails in data and technology.

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Whether it’s by phone, email, chat or Twitter, our experts are available for any questions.

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