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Video and Analysis for High School Lacrosse Teams

Focus on what matters most with video analysis for lacrosse.

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Hudl Lacrosse video sharing

Get instant access to video.

Use your iPhone, iPad or hard drive camera to record and upload for everyone to review on any device.

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Bring lessons to life.

Help your team see exactly what needs to improve with interactive comments, drawings and personalized feedback.

Hudl Lacrosse video review with coaches and players

Let us connect the stats to video.

Use Hudl Assist to get team and player stats linked to video within 24 hours.

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Hudl Assist for Lacrosse stats your game for you.
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Or track stats yourself.

Tag games live with the Hudl app or add them to your video later.
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Find key moments fast.

Use stats to quickly jump to the moments you need to see, then create custom playlists for the team to study.

Use Hudl for Lacrosse to review stats and create custom playlists
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Uncover game-changing insights.

Build a more effective game plan with automated reports. Use filters to quickly find what matters to you—click any total to review its video.

Hudl for Lacrosse has automated reports with filters.
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Get your players noticed.

Let athletes manage their own recruiting journey by contacting coaches directly through Hudl to easily share highlights, full game videos, academic information and athletic stats.

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