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Have questions about AD packages?

We have the answers.

Product & Package Information

Our high school packages are customizable for your program and there are multiple packages to choose from, but each one includes the following:

  • Customize your set up with any combination of Focus Indoor or Outdoor cameras to cover your facilities your way. Or add Focus Flex, our first portable camera, for your soccer team. All equipped with instant uploading and livestreaming capabilities.
  • A Hudl subscription for every team.
  • Game breakdowns with Hudl Assist for varsity level football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, softball, and ice hockey teams.
  • Hudl Sideline and Play Tools for football teams.

The high school athletic department package is the only fully integrated solution where each product combines to give every team the ability to better capture, analyze and share practice and game video.

Each product is directly integrated into Hudl software, so it’s a seamless process to get video from Focus or Sideline right into Hudl.

Once you have your video stored in Hudl, it’s simple to get it broken down by Assist, share coaching points with your athletes, build clips or playlists, and create highlights to share with families, community members and recruiters.

Put together, these tools help inspire your athletes, save your coaches time and elevate your entire program.

Hudl is an online and mobile platform that allows teams to host, share and review video, and gives athletes the ability to create their own highlights and share them with recruiters. It’s the core product that our other products like Focus, Sideline and Assist are directly integrated into. Our franchise player, so to speak.

Hudl can be also used beyond athletics with organizations like band, show choir, student teaching, etc, as long as whatever is recorded takes place within the boundaries of a Focus-equipped court or field.

The Focus Exchange Network* allows all athletic department package customers to gain access to their film from road and neutral site games at Focus-equipped facilities.

*Available for Focus Indoor and Outdoor

Hudl Assist is our game breakdown service where professional analysts take your game film and break it down within 24 hours into in-depth charts and reports directly linked to your video. Programs on an athletic department package can get game and scout breakdowns with Assist (varies by package) for varsity level football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, and ice hockey teams.

Sideline is a football-only solution for instant replay. It provides a private wireless network allowing your coaches to intercut their camera angles to review and make in-game adjustments.

Play Tools is a football-only solution that digitizes playbooks and practice scripts to streamline how your team prepares.

Yes, we offer district-wide athletic department packages. Contact your sales rep for more information.

High School Pricing & Customization

You pay one invoice, one time per year. The athletic department package is a subscription-based model where you pay a discounted annual rate for access to all the products within the package.

No. With the athletic department package, you’ll receive a single yearly invoice on a billing date of your choice. It’s that simple.

The athletic department package is a school-wide package that bundles Hudl’s suite of products at a discounted rate. You'll work with your sales rep to make sure we have the correct mixture of products and services to fit your needs.

Yes, you can add on a camera at retail price to any existing package level. Contact your sales rep for information on purchasing additional cameras.

You can purchase it at any time during the year. Hudl will work with you to determine the best suited billing date for your school budget and financial needs, no matter when you decide to make the decision.

Yes, multi-year contracts are available, and your annual price is locked in for the duration of your contract. Contact your sales rep to learn more.

About Hudl Focus

Hudl Focus is an auto-tracking smart camera with livestreaming capabilities that captures HD video from the perfect angle of your gym or field. Focus is directly integrated with Hudl, so game or practice film is automatically uploaded as soon as the action stops. The Focus Exchange Network* gives athletic department package customers access to film from any road and neutral site games at Focus-equipped facilities.

Focus is a camera specifically built for coaches, providing them with additional coaching tools like the pan and zoom feature, where coaches can zoom in on the perfect angle of their video during film review to better see and coach the details.

*Available for Focus Indoor and Outdoor

While Hudl doesn’t physically install your cameras, it’s a simple process that we coach you through every step of the way. Check out our library of resources for both Focus Indoor, Focus Outdoor, and Focus Flex to help make the installation and set up process even easier.

  • To stream directly to YouTube, simply enable YouTube Live for the event you want to livestream in your Hudl Focus app.
  • To stream with a broadcast software, we’ll provide you with an IP address to add as the video source so you can securely access the feed from Focus over your network. Once you start a new Focus recording, you can start a new broadcast and select Focus as the video source. Just make sure your broad­cast­ing platform is running on a computer that’s wired into the same network as Hudl Focus.

Yes, many programs have chosen to monetize their livestream with Hudl Focus. Common ways to do so include utilizing a pay-per-view option or obtaining sponsorships.

While you can upload footage from a Pixellot/NFHS camera to Hudl, it's a cumbersome process that can often take hours, because you have to manually upload video files. Because the Focus camera automatically captures and uploads to Hudl, users are able to get their film uploaded immediately after the game ends.

If you’re looking to stream Focus footage to the NFHS network, you can do so using any broadcast software that accepts video through an IP feed.

Our Focus Exchange Network allows athletic department package customers to access their game film from any road and neutral site games at Focus-equipped facilities.

Yes, you can use it for all school events held at your gym or field. Customers often use it for events like pep rallies, graduation ceremonies and more. Just like with your sporting events, you can livestream any of these events to YouTube or with your broadcast software.

For more information related to Hudl Focus, visit our Focus FAQ page.