It’s simple. Our livestream­ing capa­bil­i­ties combined with our existing video and data solutions team up to form the most powerful and complete solution available. 

Here’s why streaming with Hudl is the right move for your program. 

Pick the streaming option that works for you.

With Hudl, you can choose the streaming option that makes the most sense for your school. Offer your viewers a free stream, utilize sponsorships to make money or select a pay-per-view option to boost your gate revenue—it’s your call!

Industry-leading revenue share opportunities. 

We’ve reinvented the model to put more money back in your pockets. Programs offering pay-per-view streaming gain access to an industry-leading 60% revenue share, giving them more opportunities to earn meaningful revenue and support their programs.

Livestreaming is made easy with the power of Hudl Focus.

Stream games from your gym or field automatically with the auto-capture capabilities of Hudl Focus. Simply add your schedule in Hudl, and select the option to stream to Hudl TV for a hands-free livestreaming experience that you can set and forget. Your fans will appreciate the video quality—Focus streams in crystal-clear HD from the perfect angle of your facility.

Connect with your fans.

Streaming with Hudl connects family members, working parents, alumni, and anyone else to their favorite teams and athletes when they can’t attend the game in person. Choosing to stream with Hudl lets you deliver a better fan experience to members of your community and beyond.

Add professional-level elements to your livestream. 

If you’re interested in leveling up your livestream, you can add extra camera angles, graphics and audio with our Production Truck software. With available elements like commentary and tickers displaying scores and stats, fans will feel like they’re watching a pro broadcast. Production Truck also offers opportunities for managers or students to get involved, helping to evenly distribute the workload.

Showcase the skills of your students.

Livestreaming allows your players at all sports and levels to have their athletic journeys witnessed by anyone. And the exposure isn’t just limited to your athletes. Students can assist with the production of the stream, gaining valuable technical skills and public speaking experience along the way.