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Have questions about Hudl Focus?

We have the answers.

How Hudl Focus Works

The camera can capture anything on your field or in your gym—we're talking a pep rally, marching band performance or graduation. But it has a dedicated algorithm for player tracking in specific sports. These sports include football, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball and wrestling.

The Focus camera is linked to the schedule in your Hudl account. It starts recording at the scheduled time for each home game and has default recording times based on your sport. For global football (soccer), basketball, volleyball and lacrosse, Focus records for two and a half hours, unless it’s stopped or extended via the Focus app. For all other sports, Focus will record for three hours by default.

No problem! You can easily start a recording anytime in the Hudl Focus mobile app.

Yes. In fact, it’s the only camera that uploads automatically to Hudl. Other smart camera systems require you to download the video before uploading it to Hudl yourself.

Yes, Hudl has all the video and data tools you need to find key moments fast and build an effective game plan.

Because Focus is the only camera that’s fully integrated with Hudl, your video uploads live as you’re recording, so it’s ready to view in your library immediately once the game is over. If both teams have a Hudl Focus subscription, they will each get a copy of the game film in their Hudl library—no sharing or exchanging necessary.

Hudl Focus automates the recording and uploading process so you don’t have to lift a finger. Your team’s schedule in Hudl determines when the camera records and which opponent the game video is shared with. But if you ever want to start and stop recordings on the fly, you can use the Focus app.

By default, new uploads are available to the coaches and athletes on your Hudl roster. Focus also shares game video with opponents you’ve selected on your schedule (as long as they have a Focus subscription too).

Nope! We know keeping your practices private is important to you. Hudl won’t share your practice video or on-the-fly recordings with another team. Game footage will be shared, but only if you and your opponent have an active Focus subscription and both teams select the correct opponent from the available drop-down list in their Hudl schedules.

No, both teams must submit their game video to Hudl Assist independently to get the postgame stats for their team.

As long as both you and your opponent have a Focus subscription, enter the game on your Hudl schedules, and select each other from the opponent drop-down list, the Focus game footage will be automatically uploaded to your Hudl library.

Hudl Focus Installation

The Hudl Focus camera comes with its own intuitive installation app so you can get it mounted on your gym wall quickly and easily. Of course, every facility is different, so we answered all the questions below so you can assess your situation.

Yes, there are a few parameters your facility needs to meet. The gym requirements are different from the stadium requirements, so make sure to use the correct guide for your camera. If your current setup isn’t compatible, don’t sweat it—we can help you come up with alternate install solutions.

It takes 3–4 weeks for the camera to be delivered after payment is received. Our outdoor camera hasn't begun shipping yet, but we'll be sure to update you once it does.

Yes, Focus is a DIY project if you or someone else at your school is handy. On average, it should take about 60–90 minutes.

You may need to hire a contractor or rent a scissor lift depending on your facility’s current infrastructure and layout.

For installing the outdoor camera you'll need a drill bit, screws, nuts and washers. If you're mounting into concrete, you may also need a nut setter. For the indoor camera, check out our installation equipment recommendations (with Amazon links!).

You’ll need a stan­dard Cat5e/​Cat6 cable. And be sure to double-check your network meets these technical requirements.

Yes, Focus requires a hardwired connection and cannot run on Wi-Fi.

Getting your gym Focus-ready could cost $0 if you already have power and ethernet sources installed. If not, you’ll need to hire and pay a contractor to install both of those. Every location is different so each school’s cost will be different.

No, Hudl won’t charge you anything for installation. You can choose to do it yourself or hire and pay a contractor directly.

No, we don’t provide wiring services.

Again, no installation fee from us. You’re free to use union labor or any contractor you like.

Livestreaming and Broadcasting

With Hudl Focus, you’re in the driver’s seat. You control where you stream, who you partner with, and how you charge viewers (or don’t!). It’s your video—you should be able to stream it however you want.

Hudl Focus gives you two main ways to stream video. One option is to stream directly to YouTube for a free and simple livestreaming solution that doesn’t charge fans to watch games. Or you can send your stream to any broadcast software that accepts video through an IP feed (available with most broadcast software solutions). This ultimately allows you to choose where you send the livestream and if you want to monetize it.

You can choose. Hudl Focus will livestream directly to YouTube, or send the video to any broadcast software that accepts IP feeds as an RTMP video source.

Hudl Focus will automatically record any games listed on your Hudl schedule. With one tap in the Focus app, you can stream directly to YouTube. If you want to send the stream to a broadcast partner, just make sure that the computer running that software is wired into the same network as your Focus camera. You’ll then be able to choose Focus as the source of your broadcast.

Yes, using Focus as a video source in a broadcast software allows you to make your broadcast more dynamic by adding advertisements, custom graphics, scoreboard overlays, audio commentary and additional angles.

We firmly believe that you should be able to make money off of your video in the way that you see fit. We have no imposed restrictions or limitations on how you advertise through your streams. That will all depend on the broadcast production software and livestream platform you choose, so be sure to go with a partner who gives you the flexibility you need.

You’ll need to pay for a Hudl and a Hudl Focus subscription, but when purchased as part of an athletic department package, they’re both heavily discounted. There may be additional costs associated with the broadcast software or livestream platform you choose as well.

It depends on the streaming partner you choose. Hudl does not impose any contracts or requirements related to any streaming software you partner with.

That depends on the broadcast software that you choose, but we’ve made sure Hudl Focus is compatible with broadcast software that allows you to start getting money from your livestreams immediately, not years into the future. And we have a few other ideas on how to earn money from your livestream.

Some broadcast vendors share video streamed on their platform with media partners, allowing them to reproduce and distribute it. Always ask about privacy when deciding who you want to work with. Hudl does not claim any ownership over video that is livestreamed. Once video is in your Hudl account, however, we have dual ownership that allows us to create and publish highlights.

This is another good privacy question to ask your broadcast software partner—you could end up getting pennies back for every dollar that fans and parents pay. Rest assured, Hudl won’t take any part of the revenue that your school generates through livestreaming.

Hudl Focus automatically uploads raw game and practice video to your Hudl account, which you can review, analyze, and share however you like.

Total Cost

With everything on your plate, you want transparency and control. We have you covered. You’ll always have visibility into the total cost of your products and services, including everything to do with your camera and livestreaming options.

Our team can answer any questions you have about pricing and how Hudl Focus can benefit your coaching team.

Hudl Focus is a yearly subscription.

Yes, unless your school is tax exempt. If that’s the case, send us your form and we’ll get it taken off your invoice.

Schools that hire a contractor spend an average of $400 to install their Focus camera. (If you have someone handy on staff, it’s $0.)

It depends on your gym’s environment and infrastructure. If you already have power and ethernet sources installed, it’s easy to install the camera yourself.

You’ll need a drill, level, ladder or scissor lift and the necessary hardware to attach the camera mount to the wall or press box.

Hudl Focus is the only camera that uploads video directly to Hudl, and Hudl itself is the only software you need to operate the camera.

Focus is only available as part of an athletic department package. We have subscription levels to suit every school—contact your sales rep to learn more.

The Hudl Focus software is constantly being improved. Those updates are sent automatically to the camera at no extra cost to ensure you’re getting the best video possible.

Focus is reliable inside and out—the camera has literally been dropped on concrete to test its durability. But yes, we still offer a warranty period. And even if it fails outside the warranty, we’ll review it. Of course if there’s a hardware-related problem, the replacement is on us.

Nope—you’ll be able to swap in your new camera without any additional cost or required fees.

Contracts and Agreements

We’re all guilty of clicking the “I Agree” box after only skimming the terms and conditions page—but it’s important to read the fine print. Let us fill you in on all the details so you can sign on the dotted line with complete confidence.

You’ll own your Hudl Focus camera, but you’ll need an active Hudl subscription to use it. This allows us to provide replacements or new devices as the technology advances.

Flexibility is the name of the game here. Work with your account executive to find a solution that works for you.

Hudl Focus is included in all athletic department packages. The number of cameras included will be dependent on which package you have.

There are no extra fees if you cancel your subscription. We might ask you to send the camera back, but that’s it.

Have more questions about Focus? Let's talk.