The Hudl Focus Outdoor camera uses cutting-edge technology to capture every moment auto­mat­i­cal­ly, so you can get back to coaching.

Getting reliable video for games is a big challenge for coaches and teams. 

Hudl Focus Outdoor uses a powerful algorithm—trained over hundreds of games and thousands of hours of video—to pinpoint the ball, players, officials, the scoreboard, and more. This is the heartbeat of our player-tracking technology

This algorithm is central to solving top issues coaches face when capturing video.

Who’s filming your next game? Do you have to assign a member of your coaching staff to operate the camera, essentially losing their expertise during the action? Is it a student-manager or JV player? A parent? Does the filmer know what you need—or want—recorded over the course of the game? 

These are only a handful of the questions coaches have to answer on their quest to record each game. 

One American football coach told us he created a 14-page manual that instructed student-filmers exactly how to record a game from start to finish, from setting up the camera, filming plays, and getting scoreboard shots to aid post-game tagging.

But then that student graduates. Or goes to play on their own team. Or pulls out their phone mid-game.

“The machine never gets tired. Its significant other never texts,” said Martijn Berger, Hudl’s Director of Hardware Engineering. “It has one mission in life: to get you your video.”

Hudl Focus Outdoor is that machine.

Today’s sports have never been faster. Athletes are stronger and more athletic than ever before. But Hudl Focus won’t fall behind.

Our camera uses four lenses working together to create a single image. It simultaneously sees the whole field while also using player tracking technology to follow the action. 

But training Focus wasn’t enough. We had to put the lenses to the test—the camera had to take the field. 

Over the past year and a half, more than 200 schools across the country tested our cameras and offered some brutally honest feedback.

Through increased testing, training and user feedback, coaches provided crucial insights to refine the algorithm. They helped push Focus past the finish line. You’ll never miss a moment because the camera consistently follows the action.

With Hudl Focus Outdoor, American football teams can run a double-reverse pass knowing Hudl Focus won’t bite on the fake. Soccer teams who intercept a pass in front of their goal, spurring a sudden counterattack, can rest assured Focus is keeping pace.

With our refined player-tracking technology, the smart camera knows when, where and who to record. 

No more missed plays. No more distractions. Like you, Hudl Focus Outdoor is locked on the field until the final whistle blows.

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