Hudl Focus Outdoor handles the dirty work of recording and looks good doing it. But it’s more than just a sleek design — it’s powerful and durable, and built to last.

If the Oregon Ducks have taught us anything, it’s that speed and power look even better in a clean uniform.

And while Focus Outdoor has an eye-catching design, it’s also built to last for your program for years to come. 

From the interior to the exterior, designing the most powerful sports camera has been a painstaking process. We’ve customized every aspect of the camera. 

Each Focus Outdoor camera is an intricate collection of cutting-edge, hand-crafted machinery. The software and hardware housed within each camera was built by Hudl engineers from the ground up, using the most powerful technology on the market. 

It was obvious to our team that the camera’s design needed to guarantee consistent, high-level performance from anything thrown its way—like extreme weather conditions.

Focus Outdoor is crafted and tested to endure the elements, from scorching summers in Florida to -20 degree winters in Alaska, and all the rain, sleet and snow that blow through the Midwest on any given night.

Our team went to extreme measures to ensure the camera could withstand anything mother nature could throw at it.

“We’ve gotten a lot more sophisticated on how we test things,” said Ashely Shubkagel, Quality Assurance Director of Hudl Focus. “We’ve taken [them] to a lab to dunk the camera underwater to make sure it has no points of failure.”

Focus is reliable inside and out. Our hardware developers ran “drop test,” allowing the camera to fall from preset heights, to confirm cables will stay connected and the camera would operate normally post-drop. 

We ran IP65 tests—where powerful water jets spray the camera from every direction—to check water resistance capability.

We also used weather chambers to expose cameras to temperatures ranging from minus 40 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Extreme tests like these were essential to provide our teams with the peace of mind that the camera will last. Even with all these durability tests, we still offer a warranty period. And if it falls outside the warranty, we’ll still review it. Of course, if there’s a hardware-related problem, the replacement is on us. 

“It was important to us that we picked some of the top-line components, modules and sensors so that we could build a camera that was future-proof,” said Joel Hensley, Director of Engineering for Hudl Focus.

With such durability, Focus Outdoor can remain mounted at your stadium all year long without needing to be taken down or stored in the offseason.

But let’s not forget, the most powerful smart camera in sports is also easy on the eyes.

“In terms of industrial design, you are looking at how can we create a familiar product, while raising the status to allow our users to feel that elite, premium feel,” said Charlie Briggs, former hardware design engineer for Hudl Focus.

From the color scheme to the tough exterior, Focus Outdoor blends in naturally while providing best-in-class video.

No matter the conditions, when your team takes the field, Hudl Focus will be ready.

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