Hudl’s outdoor sports camera already simplifies the recording workflow with powerful features. But that’s only the beginning.

Hudl Focus is already known for everything it can do: automatically record, clip and upload games; integrate with Hudl Sideline; provide flexible livestreaming and broadcasting options; and add context with scoreboard overlays.

But we’re only getting started.

What separates Hudl Focus Outdoor from other cameras is the auto-updating feature. Our smart camera is designed to hardwire into an ethernet port for added speed and sustainability.

This means that whenever Hudl releases new features for Focus cameras, your camera will automatically update to include those new features.

Focus Outdoor can do so much for teams today, right now. But the sky’s the limit for new features in the coming years.

“The way we’ve designed these cameras is we pack a ton of technical power into them that we’re not even using yet,” said Austin Nichols, product manager for American football at Hudl. 

“It’s a smart camera, it has a computer inside of it. So you get it on day one, and by year three there's an exciting new feature where maybe you get another video angle or even faster uploading. I think that’s one of the truly exciting and powerful things about a camera like this.”

In terms of planned updates coming down the pipe, nothing is guaranteed. But the possibilities are overwhelming. 

One feature we’ve prioritized for coaches is the Focus Exchange Network. This network will share recorded game video from a single camera with both the home and away teams. No more lugging around extra equipment on the road!

That’s why coach feedback is so important for our team, not only for testing the camera to make sure it exceeds expectations today but because coaches can shape what features and tools we release in the coming years.

“The new camera specifically is exciting because of the power it has,” said Joel Hensley, Director of Engineering for Hudl Focus. “With that [power] we could give them information about the type of plays they’re seeing or formations. Other types of information that their competitors aren’t going to have during the game.”

Sports continue to grow and change, with new schemes and patterns emerging all the time. Just as coaches study these changes to stay ahead of the game, the Hudl Focus camera will evolve to match the ever-changing landscape. That means new features without you having to lift a finger.

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