Tips to Gain Atten­tion from Col­lege Lacrosse Recruiters

Col­lege coach­es pro­vide insights into what it takes for high school lacrosse play­ers to get noticed

Tips to Gain Atten­tion from Col­lege Lacrosse Recruiters

Col­lege coach­es pro­vide insights into what it takes for high school lacrosse play­ers to get noticed

A coach’s day involves prepar­ing for their next oppo­nent, fill­ing out prac­tice sheets, check­ing on their athlete’s grades and atten­dance and watch­ing their own team’s video. With all of that on their plate, it’s a won­der coach­es ever have time to watch incom­ing high­lights from prospec­tive recruits.

Max­i­miz­ing time is some­thing all coach­es strive for, so cre­at­ing a high­light that fits neat­ly into their sched­ule is the best for both the coach and the ath­lete hop­ing to be recruited.

We talked to Tanya Kotow­icz of Quin­nip­i­ac Uni­ver­si­ty and Bill Gor­row from Wes­ley Col­lege about what they look for in an athlete’s video and how to get noticed by col­lege coaches.

More Than Just Scoring

Both coach­es agree that the best way to get noticed is to be active in your high­light video. It’s great that you can score goals, but what did you do to score that goal?

I like more game footage and not just goals for offen­sive play­ers or defend­ers car­ry­ing the ball,” Gor­row said. I like to see the entire play on offense and to see indi­vid­ual team offense and defense.”

The old adage of work­ing hard seems out­dat­ed, but it remains true. Col­lege teams are fam­i­lies, and coach­es want ath­letes that are will­ing to buy into that mentality.

Play because you love the game, not because you’re expect­ed or expect­ing to get a schol­ar­ship,” Kotow­icz said. You will end up mis­er­able and no one wants a mis­er­able teammate/​player.”

We look for char­ac­ter first in that we want young men who pos­sess high val­ues and morals and who strive to serve their team­mates and not just look for glo­ry for them­selves, but rather look to see how they can assist their team­mates in being great,” Gor­row added.

Think about Body Language

Every­one remem­bers their coach yelling this when things are going bad, but it’s a key com­po­nent col­lege coach­es look for. Things won’t always go well, and coach­es need to know how prospec­tive ath­letes respond.

Actions always speak loud­er than words for us,” Kotow­icz said. See­ing how a play­er reacts to a mis­take is impor­tant to our staff. Atti­tude con­trols every­thing nec­es­sary to be successful.”

Is he unselfish and is he a hard work­er with a great motor who does all the lit­tle things well?” Gor­row asked.

These include any­thing from hus­tle plays to pass­ing the ball around to team­mates, even how the ath­lete reacts after a turnover. Coach­es need to know they can count on every­one when things hit a rough patch.

Get on It!

Unlike foot­ball or bas­ket­ball teams, col­lege lacrosse teams typ­i­cal­ly have small­er staffs, so find­ing time to watch videos can be dif­fi­cult. It’s great to get your video out as fast as you can, but coach­es have to pri­or­i­tize grade lev­els and seasons.

We real­ly only have the staff that can con­cen­trate on two class­es at once so we are now fin­ish­ing our 2017 grad class and begin­ning our 2018 class,” Gor­row explained. I pre­fer the end of the sea­son and then one from their sum­mer club sea­son that can be updat­ed with fall recruit­ing club tour­na­ments as well.”

That thought gives ath­letes an oppor­tu­ni­ty to add more than just high school video to their high­light video. Club video is just as impor­tant as the video from the high school sea­son. Both coach­es said they reach out to every­one to make sure they have the right fit for their team, so include all of that infor­ma­tion in your high­light video or your e-mail when you reach out to them.

Coach­es won’t wait for ath­letes to find them, as Gor­row notes. 

Be proac­tive,” he said. There are more play­ers out there than there are ros­ter spots on col­lege teams, so pro­mote your­self and get noticed.”

To find out how to cre­ate pre­mi­um high­lights from your sea­son, head here to begin the process. Also, don’t for­get to share what you’ve made.

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