This is a great time, an exciting time, to bring more eyes into women’s sports and female athletes. Taylor Jacobs

NIL, or name, image and likeness, has given athletes the ability to control their own brand. Maybe even more importantly, it’s helping break down gender stereotypes. But navigating publicity is a full time job. That’s why positions like Taylor Jacobs’ now exist—as Associate AD for NIL & Strategic Initiatives, she creates resources to guide student-athletes through the process of building, promoting and protecting their brands. A former collegiate athlete herself, she’s dedicated to giving today’s athletes the opportunities she never had.

Whether you’re an athlete, a coach, a parent, an administrator or a fan of women’s sports, this episode of About Time will give you an inside look at NIL—specifically how Jacobs and her all-female staff are leading the charge in equipping student-athletes with everything they need to succeed. And it doesn’t stop at graduation. Jacobs explains how NIL is opening more doors for future careers than ever before.

Like Jacobs said, “The platform that female athletes have, and women’s sports have, is incredible.” It’s about time.

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