You don’t not go for your dream because you’re afraid of motherhood. Adia Barnes

A former professional basketball player who played seven seasons with the WNBA, Barnes is now a coach at her alma mater, the University of Arizona. As head coach she’s wasted no time revolutionizing the women’s basketball program, coaching the team to reach the national championship in 2021 after missing the previous 10+ NCAA tournaments. But sometimes the most successful years of a coach’s professional career can be the hardest personally.

In this episode, you’re taken off the court and into the mind of a coach—one who’s also a mother to two. Coach Barnes and About Time host Marke Freeman share an hour-long conversation discussing topics you don’t hear enough about, like why we need to normalize motherhood in the industry and why being vulnerable has helped others coming up behind her. No topic is off the table—including pregnancies, miscarriages and breastfeeding. It’s about time.

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