If I can see it, and I can change it, I’m going to do it. Simone Jackson

How would we describe professional athlete, activist and student Simone Jackson? Multifaceted. Passionate. Empowered. Talented. Strong. Above all, a leader. We can’t choose just one word because Jackson is so much more than one thing. The USC soccer star, who played for the U.S. Youth National Team at the U20 World Cup, is an inspiring example of what student-athletes can achieve. 

Grounded in family values and dedicated to making the most of her education while also making a difference in the world, Jackson’s story is a must-listen for anyone who’s looking to understand the modern student-athlete. From what gives her “fire and fuel,” to how she’s helping young girls stay in sports, you’ll hear how she’s pushed boundaries—and maybe even gain inspiration to pursue your own passions.

Simone was breaking rules on the soccer field at just four years old, and she has a message for any young girl out there who’s listening: “We are here for you.” It’s about time.

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