It just can’t be overstated—representation matters. If you can’t see it, how do you know you can be it? Jenny Nguyen

Self-proclaimed lifetime sports fan Jenny Nguyen was known as “Jenny the basketball player” growing up. And even though an injury ended her college career, she never forgot her love of the game or the lessons it taught her. In fact, if not for the confidence she gained on the court, or the injury that gave her time to look beyond basketball, she might never have been so successful in her other passion: the culinary arts.  

Owner of the first-of-its-kind Sports Bra, a bar and restaurant that features only women’s sports on its TVs, Jenny Nguyen is our guest on the third About Time episode. Her business motto is “we support women,” and it doesn’t end at what’s playing on the TVs. That motto comes through in what beverage and food providers they choose, what they put on the menu, even their clientele. It’s all ages until 10 p.m. because she knows the impact of giving young people a chance to see women’s sports being broadcasted.

“If I put everything I have into this and someday there’s one kid that comes in there and they see a future for themselves on the TV, all the hard work will have been worth it.”

Nguyen has created a place that feels like home for all types of people, a place that celebrates women’s sports. It’s about time.

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