All of those things you are wondering, there’s someone who has been there. LaChina Robinson

The value of having a mentor is not about getting a job. It’s not having someone who agrees with you all the time. It’s about encouragement, pushing you toward success, and learning from those who have been there. Like LaChina Robinson, founder of Rising Media Stars, a mentorship organization that provides resources to women of color who are interested in sports media. 

As a college basketball phenom turned women’s basketball broadcaster, LaChina finds time to be a mentor to her organization’s up and coming sports media stars because she believes in the transforming power of mentorship—especially for young women. In episode nine of About Time, you’ll hear LaChina’s journey first hand, and her best advice for both mentors and mentees. 

You might even walk away thinking of her as your own mentor. Because as LaChina explains, having a mentor you never meet is possible in today’s digital world. Mentors are everywhere—in podcasts like this one, on TV or in books. And the more the better. “We need to see black women in more places in our world in general, to see them as leaders, as capable, as knowledgeable,” said Robinson. It’s about time.

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