I want young women to feel empowered to inspire the next young women. Laken James

Mental health is a crucial part of overall health. Athletes like Laken James know that better than most. After falling in love with basketball at a young age, James turned her dreams of playing professionally into a reality—she currently plays for the Caledonia Gladiators in East Kilbride, Scotland. Along the way, she learned how much of an impact mental training had on her performance on—and off—the court. But there weren’t a lot of resources available to help her. 

That’s why she’s researching how sports can benefit young female athletes’ personal development for her PhD, and why she decided to create the Five Star Academy. Big dreams can mean big time pressure—even youth players can face stress and anxiety when it comes to achieving their goals. James is making sure they have the tools, methods and support they need. It’s about time.

Dive in to the fifth episode of About Time to hear about Laken James’ mental health journey, and why we must prioritize it for all athletes.

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