We have to start with the assumption that women are confident, capable coaches. They deserve the opportunity to do the thing they’re good at, and what they love and what they’re passionate about. Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi

Tennis coach turned scholar, coach educator and director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport, Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi is a true champion for women coaches. Her research on the key challenges women coaches face is moving the needle in the right direction. The data proves it—this past year’s Women in College Coaching Report Card (a joint project between the Tucker Center and WeCOACH) shows the greatest increase in the percentage of women head coaches in the history of the report!

Tune in to our fourth episode to hear Dr. Lavoi discuss that groundbreaking research, answering the questions you want to hear. From how the media is impacting women’s sports, to the importance of fostering a supportive culture for women coaches, you’ll get a deep look at how the coaching industry needs to change—and how it is changing. It’s about time.

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