The opportunity and responsibility of being first is to ensure you’re not the last. Dr. Jen Welter

She was not only the first woman to play running back in a men's professional football league, Dr. Jen Welter was also the first woman to coach in the NFL. Since then, she’s wasted no time in ensuring she’s not the last to coach or play in the male-dominated sport of American football. As the founder of Grrridiron Girls, an organization that hosts flag football camps for young girls, she’s teaching the next generation there’s no field they don’t belong in or on.

In episode two of the About Time podcast, you’ll hear from the trailblazer herself as she describes her mindset around America’s game, and how we can use it to shift the culture of what people see as possible for girls and women. Coach Welter explains the most important trait of a coach (surprise: it’s empathy), and shares lessons from her Ph.D in sports psychology (like the importance of an inclusive team culture). 

Above all, you’ll walk away knowing how important it is to hold open doors for the future leaders coming behind you. It’s about time.

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